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    So this guy I work with pranked me by spraying grafitti on my car with wipe off paint last night. I almost shit a brick, then I almost punched him, then he said it “just wipes off, dude.” So now I need some ideas to freak his shit out. A little help?

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    Uhh,the upperdecker??

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    what’s your line of work…outside…office? crank something on him at work and let him sweat.

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    Guys hate other guy’s shit…shit on his car.

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    I have thought about wiring a dead fish to the Catalytic Converter of his WRx.

    Jon Dahl
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    Limberger cheese on the exhaust! O baby will it stink.

    affix snow
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    Fuck his Sister……

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    or his mom….

    Unruly Baker
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    Although I like the ideas proposed above, I like a “two pronged” approach to my revenge.

    I tend to classify myself as being in the 95th percentile for pranks, and have pulled some whoppers, to the point that people that really know me know better than to bust out a serious prank on me, because I will escalate things.

    Here is what I would do.

    Phase 1: Instant gratification. Any of the previously proposed pranks are great. The “upper decker” is good, just make sure you turn off the water, flush to drain most of it, then crap a little in the toilet, then bomb the upper deck. Try to do this when you know they’ll be gone for at least 3 hours so it can “set up”. This makes a stickier mess that has to be scrubbed off rather than washed. And nailing their mom or sister is a great alternative as well. A personal favorite is to pull off their pllow case, turn it inside out, wipe my ass on the inside of their pillow case, and then flip it right side out and put it back on their pillow. Food for thought.

    Phase 2: Long Term Punishment. Phase two is what seperates the men from the boys. My favorite phase two is to take something that the person puts in their mouth daily, like a toothbrush. You’ll need a video camera or digital camera that puts a date stamp on the photo/video. You take the toothbrush or whatever the item is and brush your ass (or preferably your or their dogs ass) with their toothbrush and take photos or video the whole thing. Then you put their toothbrush back after a “light rinse”. Then a month or so later (the longer the better) give them the dated video or pictures (anonamously for safety reasons).

    Enjoy! 😈


    affix snow
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    Dont piss off…… 😈

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    I just read about this one in Skiing. Some Alta patrollers sent a bunch of donuts to the snowbird patrollers,i believe. THey ate em,then about a month later the Alta patrollers sent a picture of the donuts in some nasty places.

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    One of the favorites of mine that is quite involved and can cause public humiliation is the flashlight prank. It requires an office setting with a drop ceiling and overhead speakers or overhead lighting along with a guy who thinks he can fix anything.

    Provide step ladder to office store room if there isn’t one present.
    Prepare D-sized, multi-cell maglite flashlight by removing topmost battery in flashlight and pack tight with blue & white hole-punch confetti.
    Disconnect a wire to overhead ceiling speaker or light.
    When he goes to investigate non-working fixture, offer to help by holding ceiling panels.
    When he finds it too dark up above drop ceiling suggest a flashlight which you have at your desk.
    Hand flashlight to handy-man with head in ceiling, standing on top of ladder in front of co-workers.
    Flashlight doesn’t work so he unscrews the bottom to be blasted by spring loaded confetti, which for a split second he thinks is battery acid.
    Be prepared to catch handy-man or have a good attorney if things work out right.

    A complicated prank with great setup, low probablility of everything falling into place, but with some pretty good results if things go good.

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    If I were you just save some time and effort and do the sister and the mom and when your finished poop on them. Two birds with one stone

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    @ridefire wrote:

    Two birds with one stone

    More fiber in your diet might help with that problem.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    This guy is a friend, without a sister :(, and I am not gonna fark his mom or poop on his sister, er, car. I am entrigued by the Donut Sanchez though. I don’t have keys to his pad, but I know where he lives and he is pheasant hunting this weekend. I like the flashlight thing but it has too many variables…

    affix snow
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    Go to his house and cut down all his trees.

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    He messed with your car, so if you want to stick with that theme:

    assemble a pit crew to steal the tires from his car while he’s at work. Leave it on cinder blocks in the parking lot.

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    My favorite “prank” back in high school: We would go behind the local Krispy Kreme where they threw out bad/old doughnuts by the garbage bagfull. Gather up as many bags as you can carry, then slimjim the target’s car doors, roll down the window a little, and fill up the target’s car with doughnuts. If done properly the doughnuts will reach a great height and be seen through the partially opened windows. Yummy!

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    Given that he is in a relationship. leave a single earing in his bed. then later, a different one under the bed. Then a little perfume on a shirt in the hamper. Your duty to tell her later or even better, part-way through.

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