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    Season Opener…I’m back baby. :mrgreen:

    Sherpa 1

    met a splitboarder named coach

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    Shortly afrer 7am joesnow, gimpy & buddy, and mountainvoodoo come screaming out of the woods like the demented powder fiends they are.

    The Crystal Range

    Arash on top

    and going down



    back for more




    Arash doing some pit work

    It was interesting to see the rain layers


    Random tele-gnome that came out of the trees enjoying the goods too…

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    The cold temps finally came to the Sierra and mixed with lingering precip to create some great powder conditions. Holy Nukage was it deep today!

    With the steep and wide-open slopes off limits due to the inconsistent snow levels and high winds it was back to powderhouse for some classic Tahoe tree runs.

    I pulled into the trailhead at a reasonable 8am to see these guys (gimpy, joesnow, & buddy) approaching the road after yet another dawn patrol session. Studs.

    After a quick hello they reported the conditions to be the best of the year. Stoked! They had some lift skiing on the menu as well and took off with huge friggin’ grins.

    While getting ready Sherpa 1 showed up thinking the same thing I was…POW. :mrgreen:

    We hit the skintrack and once again where stoked to find the DPers broke an excellent trail. Thanks yo!

    Pretty soon it was time to drop.

    Sherpa 1

    My turn.

    At the bottom we just had to go back for more. 🙂
    The skintrack had a few fresh inches on it and it was really nuking at this point. We estimated at least of foot of fresh fell in four hours or so. It was the light, sierra pow that we all know and love, so good. You had to be careful not to choke on the shit. At one point on the uptrack I got lost in the moment, it was so still and quiet…all I could hear was the snow hitting my shell. It was rad.

    Today’s conditions reminded me of a trip I took to Revelstoke BC back in the day. We had heaps of snow while we where there and did a lot tree runs like this due to high avy conditions. Good memories.

    Back in Meyers I was greeted with stand-still traffic headed westbound. Luckily after 10 mins we started rolling again.

    Heading up Echo Summit behind the holiday crowd.

    My kids have been asking me to bring home some snow for a snowball fight so I hooked ‘em up and we had a good one. 🙂

    Another great day in the mountains…if I can only make it to the weekend for more. 🙂

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    I’m drooling.

    Glad to see you enjoying your knew knee. 🙂

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    Couple more from day 2, looks like I missed out big time on monday.



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    thanks for sharing matt! 8)

    I cant wait until my knee is strong enough to do something other than turn! 🙂

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    Looking good out there. I loose my work pager this weekend so on MLK weekend Im on it.

    Dutch Marc
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    WOW, seems like a great trip. Love the pics! Thxs for TR * HAPPY SNOW YEAR !!!

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