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    Its going blue!

    Upon arrival in Alaska, Ben Starkey and I were greeted with blue skies and fresh powder. Then for the next week we were window shopping between storm fronts that pound the Chugash mountains constantly. While we were able to ride almost every day, and bagged a few big ines, there was an uncertainty that loomed, and we were shut down on a few big lines as well. That was all about to change. It was going blue, and staying that way until we left.

    First on the list was the southeast face of Sapphire peak, an often coveted but seldom ridden gem in the odessy arena because of its south facing nature. We skinned up bright and early to find stable blower powder, and calm blue skies. As we reached the summit, we were greeted by Elliot from New Zealand, and Andrew from Canada who had followed our skin track and boot pack up.

    As we dropped in, the top 100 feet or so was about 6 inches of dust on crust, but after that it was all time bottomless blower pow! When we reached the bottom, Andrew and Elliot told us that they had 2 snow machines and were planning on riding the Berlin wall as the sun was setting, and invited us to join them. We told them that we had our sights set on another classic line Python peak, which is right across a small glacier. They offered to give us a ride to the base for breaking trail up Sapphire! I love this place! I’ve never met so many people on the same level, all just stoked to be there, and getting after it (except for the yuppies paying $200 a run to ride GFP)

    Elliot and I did one run up gully one while Andrew and Ben had troubles with their sled. When we got down, they had replaced the belt and were ready to go. They dropped us off at the base of Python while they headed to the Berlin Wall.

    Python did not disappoint. Deep stable blower pow, in perfect light as the sun was setting! My only complaint was that at the top, there was so much snow flying around, and sluff that I lost my bearing and missed the cliff I wanted to hit…could be worse.

    These are the days we dream about when coming to Alaska, and the days that guarantee we’ll be back

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    Awesome videos dude! Looks like an epic trip, the stuff dreams are made of! Thanks for the inspiration .

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