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    Crud in the window

    After a few days of very short lived weather windows, and getting some surprise runs, as well as shut down on runs, the wetaher for the morning looked promising for an early day window. Ben Starkey and I set our alarm for 6 am. Outside our tent looked like blue skies with scattered clouds. Awesome! We got our gear together, ate breakfast, and hustled to the crud busters/ iguana backs trail head, only to find it was snowing like crazy, and the tops of the mountains were sopped in…crap.

    So we headed up the pass to see if there was any sign of clearing ahead. Nope, it just got worse. It snowed over 2 inches while we were sitting in the car, checking the weather forecast at the Tsaina lodge. We decided to head North East to see if was clear up there…no dice.

    So about to call it for the morning and go back to sleep, we decided to drive to the trailhead one more time… BLUEBIRD!! This place is crazy! So we hustled up and banged out two quick laps on the crudbuster cirque before the impending storm rolled back in.

    You never can tell what the weather will do in Alaska. All you can do is go, and hope for the best.

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