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    Hey all I’m on a mission to find a few legendary powder days of this El Nino winter we got coming. … Sad thing is I live in the Midwest and we got hills not mountains.

    I’ve had my share of backcountry experience not like some of you lucky ones that have it in your backyards but I fly out each and every year out west / northwest to ride pow (private instructors mostly). Finding one last min is tough and expensive. Last season I spent a week in the Tetons even met Jeremy Jones himself while heading up Wimpy’s Knob as he passed me up haha.

    I’m keeping a eye on the weather tracking some of these storms and worst comes to worst I’ll hit a resort while its dumping. Nothing compared to splitboarding, honestly if possible I wouldn’t want to hit a resort in my travels. I go to one locally to stay ontop of my riding learn new stuff but when I fly out I really hate the resort experience. Now the problem lies living in the Midwest finding someone that is crazy about the backcountry experience and is will / able to fly out last min is a long shot. That is why I’m posting this. If anyone is interested please pm me and we can discuss. Thanks all

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    Midwest egh? What part? I’m just south of Chicago and will be out in CO a couple times this winter/spring for some touring.

    Go that way really fast. If something gets in your way, turn.

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    I’m in the same area south west suburbs Palos Hills/ Orland park area. That’s great to hear you have planned dates set ? Or you playing it by ear as the weather goes? PM me with some details and if dumping when you going I would definitely meet up with you and shred.


    I reside in the gnarly mountains of Minneapolis Minnesota and just got a split setup and avy 1 cert last year. Going to Silverton, crested butte, and Telluride the 2 weeks after Xmas. Looking to go some backcountry but my buddies haven’t taken any avy classes. Also looking at the first week of march going to Revelstoke ideally but wherever out west has most snow. Could be easily convinced in a long weekend if they’re getting nuked on.

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    Pm message me if anyone is on board. Definitely heading out in the next couple weeks . I’m losing my mind over here in the Midwest f***in 60 degrees today that’s crazy stuff. While the west is getting slammed with snow

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