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    christoph benells
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    the real guy to make fun of is the gaper spirit animal over on the tgr forum.

    goes to the resort with two gopros and a climbing harness, he’s training for ak.

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    I was totally stoked before during and after that run. The problem is that the video more or less sucks

    . KInda looked like the video was formated wrong.. squeezed…but that looked super fun.

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    I agree POV is getting crazy, all kinds of tellatubbies at the resorts filming standard colorado flat terrain. ITs cool , they go home and watch that footy and are like “it felt much cooler than that” IT IS HARD to make footage look good. Ive had plenty of days with HUGE fun and smiles and the footy looks like crap. I DARE all you shit talkers to try and film a day. Its not as easy as you think. I think it really comes down to creativity, dont just show us five minutes of helmet cam random crap, have a purpose in your video. I liked that AK vid! it told a story, the riding was jsut everyday fun but it was a new place with new scenery, if it would have been jsut the crazy 360 helmet cam I would have turned it off 1 minute in.

    I have a video for you all to critique it short too!! 5 days at big sky. it is a regular board though..

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    @cometogether wrote:

    IT IS HARD to make footage look good

    I agree, POV footage is impossible to make look good 😉

    @cometogether wrote:

    I DARE all you shit talkers to try and film a day. Its not as easy as you think

    I agree that filming somebody else with a video and taking the time to make something worth watching takes skill and time. I don’t think turning on a go pro on a stick and one on your head takes much work.

    I enjoyed your video mostly because I thought when you fell your GoBro might break :thumbsup:

    (PS, Im just throwing shit on the fan, don’t take it seriously :doobie: )

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    Cue “Thread Resurrection” theme music. . .

    For 100% POV, I thought this was fairly entertaining.

    Do we still got haters of this edit?

    While we’re at it, here’s a refresher from the GoBros @ TGR

    As, @nickstayner said, take time to develop your filming/edit skills it really shows up and makes your edit stand out.

    Be sure to bookmark's Recent Activity page...

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