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    bcrider – if you want to move this to the parters wanted thread that’s fine.

    I thought I’d throw this out there since it requires much preparation and commitment. I am considering taking off mid-December 2005 for a winter-long split tour. It would involve traveling all around the US and Canada following the storms. This would likely mean west coast in Dec/Jan/ part of Feb, then the rocky mountain regions (definitely including BC) in Feb/March, and finally the potential for Alaska in April/May/June. However, locations are strongly condition dependent so traveling to any location at any time is possible. Extended stays in one location may also be possible if the snow’s good.

    Dirtbag living/couch surfing/winter camping is the name of the game. Partners must be willing to get gritty. Partners also must be willing to tackle/be comfortable on steep, technical lines of all natures while being avy savvy. Big lines and long skins will be the norm. I don’t mean to be overly selective, but it would be rewarding to really progress my riding in the backcountry.

    This is just a feeler for the time being, but I must ask myself: why not?

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    Hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!! I like the sounds of that lets talk more. How was the trip to CO. Good snow?

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    I figured you might be interested! It’s still in the preliminary thought stage, so I’ll keep you informed. CO was great – well worth the driving time. Too bad you couldn’t make it out to beehive yesterday for some wet pow!

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    Ahhhhhhhhh….that’s the spirit and soul! Soul riders embarking on the Endless Winter! Sick. Dude, I would be in but I gots to make a livin’. 😀

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    I’ll probably have a couch for ya 😉

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    live the dream guys!

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