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    Just putting the feelers out there for this year’s Tahoe event.

    I made it to the Dirksen Derby this year at Mt Bachelor and was really inspired to do something similar in our neck of the woods. It was a blast and motivated me to come up with the following…(venue is unconfirmed but we’ve got our fingers crossed for Homewood Mountain Resort on the West Shore :thumbsup: )

    Here’s the thoughts so far…

    2014 Tahoe Splitfest presented by to benefit Sierra Avalanche Center

    This is a grassroots event. By the community for the community. The goal is to raise money for our cause, celebrate splitboarding, promote our partners, and have fun!

    February 21-23, 2014 (most likely will be push back a week to the February 28 – March 2)

    Events include:

    Self guiding splitboarding – Friday
    Meet and Greet/Avy Discussion by Sierra Avalanche Center (unconfirmed but likely) – Friday night
    Splitboard Games hosted by Homewood Mountain Resort – Saturday (unconfirmed but likely)
    Awards Ceremony and Raffle – Saturday night
    Self guiding splitboarding – Sunday

    Splitboard Skills Race – Full course (cost TBD, probably $25-35, split between SAC and Homewood)
    Men’s and Women’s splitboard divisions
    Anything Goes Division (open to skis, snowshoes, approach skis, flip flops, etc)

    Course description – Total vert and distance is unconfirmed but the goal is to make it fun for splitters of all abilities. Racers will start the course as a group and complete a number of splitboard orientated skills and challenges. The start will include a hundred yard sprint upslope from the base lodge/starting area. Racers will then convert their boards to ski mode and splitski down to the beginning of the skinning section. Racers will follow a designated and marked uphill route to the next checkpoint. After completing all checkpoints and challenges (traversing, kick turns, booting, transitions, etc) racers will descend the mountain by the route of their choice (adhering to Homewood’s skier and rider responsibility code) and cross the finish line. The racer with the shortest time in each division wins. Winners of each event would win prizes (hopefully a splitboard!).

    Splitboard Games (skills challenge)
    Men’s, Women’s, and team divisions (4 people per team)

    Events include:

    Split Skiing
    Beacon search

    Course description – The course for the games/skills events will be relatively short and designed to rotate racers through the events quickly. The skinning course could include a flat section for sprint-skinning and/or a steep skinning section. The transition race would include multiple transitions and test splitter’s speed while converting from ride to ski mode and vise versa. The kick turn event could feature a gated course (think uphill slalom course). Traversing and split skiing could also be events (split skiing could be especially entertaining). I envision the games to be in a relatively small area to allow for spectator enjoyment and group participation. Winners of each event would win prizes.

    Here’s a pic of a sprint course at the Wasatch PowderKeg. Our’s could be similar…minus the lycra. 🙂

    Award Ceremony
    Winners of the day’s events will be recognized and prizes awarded. We’ll also have our fundraising raffle for SAC. Other possibilities include live music, keg, food, etc.

    A splitboard demo fair is also a possibility.

    Let me know your thoughts and ideas! #needsnow


    Yes, great idea’s Chris! I’ll be there for sure. I’m training as I write this…in my flip flops! 😆
    If I can help in anyway, let me know.


    Awesome, thanks swanny! :that rocks:

    ps. Sounds like Homewood would prefer us on the following weekend 2/28-3/2.


    I cant wait this should be so fun!! I was bummed I didn’t make it to bend for the dd but now we will have something similar here :headbang:


    Love it, but . . . Feb. 28-March 2 is a no go for me I’m heading to the San Juans. Will support as much as I can without attending if that’s what it takes




    That sounds fantastic. I’m in!

    knuckle dragger


    Ill be there. Whos bringing the snow? better have a mountain bike/flyfishing option to cover all bases this season

    hey, while your at it ask Homewood if we can do aerial video coverage of th race

    C balke

    Can’t wait, I’ll be there with at least a couple other guys. Till then I’ll be doing my snow dance


    @TEX wrote:

    Ill be there. Whos bringing the snow? better have a mountain bike/flyfishing option to cover all bases this season

    This…some of the trails should be dry, the east shore likely is, Sawmill in Truckee is low enough to not have a lot of snow. Flyfishin’ might be good too…



    Awesome. In, assuming there’s snow.

    Actually if there’s no snow I’ll have nothing better to do, so yeah, in.



    Sounds like fun.

    My only suggestion is that anyone caught wearing lycra or hardboots in the games be an automatic dq.


    Good news splitters…..Homewood is down! :thatrocks:

    I went up yesterday and met with my buddy seeknpow (who happens to be in management) and checked stuff out. They have a great spot for the games over by the south lodge and are totally supportive. The lodge itself is going to be perfect for the awards and raffle, maybe a bbq too, weather permitting. The ascent for the splitboard rally race is going to work out great as well. Now…we just need snow!

    Thanks Tim!


    I’ll be more then happy to come and photograph the event and tour, anything after 2/20 works for me.

    Sounds like it’ll be fun!


    Stoked! I will be there and will try to bring enough socks to keep everyone’s feet warm and comfy!




    I’ll head up if the snow looks good, or, if there is any snow at all.

    Any other SoCaler’s making the trek north?

    When I used to live in SF I had a spot right next to the base of HW, but, that connection probably has no idea who I am now. Where should I look for lodging besides Tahoe City? Couch? Driveway?


    Sounds like fun to me… Are we locked in on the later dates, or is that still TBD? I’ll see if I can get a few of my buddies committed as well…

    As for the snow, mother nature will provide…. I hope… 😉 Odds for good coverage are improving week by week…

    Greg - NoKnees


    I just got fired from my job so I’m ready to tour! Looks like we got some snow in Tahoe too!


    any updates on the weekend? Won’t be free for the 2/22 weekend but hopefully we have it on the following weekend. It’ll be good to catch up with a lot of folks.


    a little update, rained a pile at lake level but the top of Homewood has got over 5ft out of this storm cycle. still have to iron out the details but pretty stoked to make this happen 😀


    What are the dates? I have heard two different weekends????

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