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    I’ve noticed a lot of people saying they don’t know how to post pictures. It’s really easy so don’t be discouraged. Here’s some instructions steelman posted back in the day (last year).

    First thing is, you need to have your photo posted somewhere on a webserver. Note that some webservers like Geocities, Yahoo, etc. don’t let you host photos and then present them on other pages by remote linking. So if you don’t have a good webserver for this, we recommend or if you can’t figure out biglines, you can email your pics to and we’ll host them for you.

    Second thing is, once you have the photo on the web somewhere, you should copy the URL of the photo. That is, of the image itself, not the HTML page on which it may sit. It must be a .jpg or .gif file extension. Best way to do this is right-mouse-click on the photo somewhere and select “PROPERTIES”, which will give you the URL. Copy that address, for example:

    Third, on a thread here at, click to post a reply, then click once on the IMG button at the top of the POST A REPLY screen. This will put an IMG tag in brackets. Then paste the URL of the image, then click the IMG button again to close the tag.

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    you rock eco, thanks for taking the time to post this! 8)

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    otherwise you can use or to host your pictures.

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    Ya nailed me! You can’t imagine how it is for a guy like me who can diagnose a car ecm with a dvm and a scan tool, and not be able to post pics on a online forum. 🙄

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    I could post pics all day but guaruntee it would take me a couple of tries to figure out your scan tool ( I did use to run vag-com on a laptop though and connect to the ECU of my cars).

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