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    i was out in silverton in mar and i got the chance to ride some GREAT terrain…. one thing that was a highlight was a run with the owner of the place named Aaron Brill. this guy rode extremely well, very fast and flowy. 8) but he actually rode with collapsible poles. not on the back, but rode with them while boarding. kinda like a skiier.

    even tho i got to chatting with him about various topics on the run (which was one of the finest tree runs ever) while waiting for others to catch up, i never got to ask him why he preferred to ride with the poles.

    there is some traversing there so on that count its good to have them handy, but i would have thought that you’d collapse them, stow them, then ride. maybe its just a it “too much of a pain to to stow” them thing?

    curious if anyone else does this and if so, what’s your reason behind it?

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    Usually in mixed terrain. Its sometimes easier to keep your momentum up instead of stopping completely. Its not a big deal once you’ve done it a couple of times.

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    For me, it’s partially laziness, mostly momentum. If you’re lookin at a long flat, or even slightly uphill runout to the next bit of downhill, havin the poles handy for a quick push can save looads of time and energy.

    Unless it’s super steep, they’re usually in hand. No sense stowing them if they’re gonna be out again in 5 minutes. I’ve caught myself using them at resorts lately, too.. (Tahoe peoples,. think Sugar Bowl on a really warm day) Less walking means more runs!



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    Ive used them when there is some flats or on a gentle enough downhill grade to require poles for a little more speed…..

    You get used to them…..

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    Maybe you guys should rip a mono ski… 😆 j/k

    There is a time and place when I’ll keep ’em out…read rolling flat terrain where I know I can be in the bindings and use some shoves to keep me rolling, otherwise they’re strapped up. gaper is a word that comes to mind…

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    Another place I use ’em sometimes is on the way out from overnight trips, when I’ve got the big unweildy pack on. They help keep things stable on the way down. They actually help with turn initiation just like skiing. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. 🙂 Though, I don’t think I’d let myself be seen with ’em at a resort…

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    I agree. I just got back from a hut trip and with a 50+ pack on your back the poles make it easier to initiate turns. I don’t like riding with them though unless it’s a heavy pack and more mellow terrain where that extra little push can make a big difference. Oh yeah, and its kinda fun to be able to use them to bushwack in tight spots.

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    I’ve found that having them in hand can “handy” when trying undo a fall in powder on a less than steep slope.

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    Ya know.. I always wondered why people looked at me funny when I told them I was a snowboarder.. I thought it was the white jumpsuit, but now im beginning to think it’s my agressive binding angle… 😯

    boarding with poles == shred the rad like this guy!


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    I’ve always splitboarded with poles.

    Call me what you will.

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    Ski poles can serve as both an aid and a crutch depending how you use them, (for both skiers and boarders).

    Use em as you see fit and enjoy the ride.


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