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    da prez
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    ahhh yeahhhhh….it’s that time of year and da prez is back. fresh off the choom wagon and feelin mighty irie.

    been looking for love in all da right places this summer. had the shiz on lockdown in seatown. mtns were nothin but a dream.

    i’ll be damned to flatland and scorched earth if it wasn’t the summer of brews and doobs. late autumn is looking promising and i ain’t just talking about the pow, ya hear cuz? digits be flowing like the rainiers. times for the bras & panties to be flying like i just snapped one off a cliff.

    pm me if wanna kick it with da prez. that’s real talk….

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    Prez, I’m happy it’s been a good summer with all the choomin. Maybe not so good for the lungs but the prose is banger. Sadly I have no panties to fly your way (sorry, gotta hang on to my base layer). So here’s the real talk, post a trip report or something because it’d be great to read it as:

    And then we busted that motherfucking arête to our line like Elliot motherfucking Ness on the way to a prosecution.

    rather than:

    After much deliberation my partner, who happens to be president of the American Alpine Club, and I decided that we had the skills, experience, and equipment to safely negotiate the crux of the ascent.

    da prez
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    stuka baby, what’s up? i gotta assume you’re a proper lady since you took time out to respond.

    lemme remind our readers that a couple dudes stepped up in my panty thread last season and it didn’t end well. where in the world is KM???

    too much choomin’ has my timing all f’d up right now so i missed the last blast of pow.

    in the meantime we continue crushing it in the citay on the two wheels of steel. showing these young seattle hipsters how to f’ing do it right. tearing up the town clockin’ 30 milers while downing R-dawg tallboys and crushing the cans on hipster foreheads. f’ing beer can tops be gettin’ lost in their beards.

    shiz was cracking this past saturday (damn….that mighta been friday?!?). bringin’ the war zone to big Mario’s on cap hill. looked like someone popped off smoke bombs out front. but don’t worry though folks, da prez was on it and snatched the roman candle and did it proper. i’d be lying if i said there wasn’t a cop car in the cross hairs. boom….couple direct hits had them squealin’ like little piggies heading for the slaughter house. wait, wot???

    wednesday (tomorrow) it’s game back on for another city session pedal powered pardee. however, new rule in effect callin’ for a cease and desist on the shots o’ fireball. that was sunday night’s learning lesson as a couple of us dropped by the ladies’ cribs after our ride and one ended out pulling eject on the boat and the other wanted to smack da prez for being tipsy and feisty. say wot? say wot again.

    now stuka, about that first layer…….

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    Needle and thread… keep this stitch flowin. #proseShred

    da prez
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    ay yo….da prez is back. checkin’ in on the latest panty steez.

    i want to give a shout to my beautiful always down bitchez north of the border. y’all know how to step correct up there. da prez has been steady workin’ day and night to clear his name with the queen’s border crew. rest assured da prez will be rippin’ and trippin’ in canuckistan soon enough. bet on it.

    -da prez

    p.s. if you like your steez, you can keep your steez.

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    A ….+

    You seem fun.

    da prez
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    powslash…what up gurl? fun indeed and your intuition serves you well. better mount your two-wheels of steel and come ride with the devils. if you want to roll with us just get a hold of us.

    da prez is steady limping this week after blowing out the 9lb in gtown on saturday eve. a couple bike crashez on the way home and ewwweeee those hip checks to concrete will leave a mark. if you find some of my skin on the 1st ave bridge let me know so i can graph it back on.

    da prez and his merry band of duwamish devils straight owned the joint. as always the lady to dude factor was maximized ala devil stylee. a quote from a lady neighbor from da prez’s hood..”i think i saw you at the 9lb. i didn’t say hi because you were swimming in a sea of ladies dancing by the dj.” da prez probably shouldn’t have grabbed that last pitcher though….as his dance moves led to a crash / near miss of the turntables. wot da f? who invited that dewd?!?!

    hoping to turn the winter of suck around by the time i return from the holidaze. in the meantime we’ll keep rolling this city on it’s back. bet.

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    If wishes were fishes, we’d all cast nets.

    da prez
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    yeah yeah, baldylox pushing his (her?) way to the front. but did he / she step correct?

    what’s dis about wishes? papa used to say wish in one hand and shiz in the other. now what’s dis metaphorical net full of?

    take a man to a brothel and he’s set for a night….teach a man to play and he’s set for life. fish off that pier baby.

    da prez don’t tolerate dewds frontin’ in the panty thread.

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    da prez
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    atta girl, powslash! da prez approves of your steez. any time you wanna roll with da prez just get a hold of da prez.

    speaking of rolling….da prez gonna make slashers up at the legendary mt baker this weekend. a little clownwire action and a little touring. prolly cross paths with some of the legendary baker raven clan protecting their home turf. no sweat as da prez always rolls with a smile and a doob to share.

    pizza, brew, and doobs chair 9 saturday night makes for a short stumble home. ay yo…. hot tub still has a few vacancies left. holler at ya boi….

    da prez
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    can i get a wot wot from the pn-dub club? yáll better peep that westerly steez that’s breakin’ through the dark side. bye bye high it’s time to rock the low.

    ay yo check this mini baker report. rolled to brodeo’s cabin with my #1 lady friend friday eve (recall a foot of fresh night before—bomber conditions too). ripped the clownwire saturday and dis lady straight fried my perm. took the prez all he had to keep up. wtf? who she think she is pimping so much steelo that my inner-kook came out in spades. pshhhhh. got too drunk saturday night and looked the fool. damn.

    sunday was tour day. i brought my split gear and she had borrowed gear from a friend. this being her first split session evah. at least the outing offered up a few humbling moments of floundering nose dives. other than those she f’ing rocked the skinning. the shredding was ripping. da f#$%?

    da prez be on lock down til the upcoming three day weekend then da game be back on.


    da prez
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    ay yo….da prez is back even tho he never really went anywhere. what is back is the winter o’ suck. boooo. where da snow be at? bring that beat back!

    in the meantime gonna have to find alternative entertainment since the pow left town. so be it as da prez is up for the challenge. however, all three bikes are out of order due to the many late night crashes. pulled out the back up back up bike only to find out the rear derailleur exploded somewhere. damn.

    anywho….feet still work so gotta keep it local for now. kick it off this eve with some brew in seatown’s new beer mecca neighborhood. south park baby. that’s right ese… three new nano-breweries that just popped up. be at burdick brewery for the happiest of hours then bounce for some bootie shakin’ a hop skip and jump away in sodo at the monkey bar. something about some banging dj’s in da house. ah yeah.

    saturday gonna smash life at the aaron robinson plant-a-seed foundation banked slalom at alpental. get in and bring a smile that a-rob would be proud of….. r.i.p. sweet dude. you are missed.

    sunday we all know what’s going down in seatown. gonna be a panty remover of a party all over da place. stars will align and da prez will be on the two wheelz of steel tearing up the ballard battle zone. believe dat.

    monday slush slashing if the inversion holds.

    yours truly,
    da prez

    da prez
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    2014 state of the cascadia union…..

    – ullr is straight awol in these parts. warrant has been issued for his return unharmed to the pnw. be burnin’ more effigies to please him in the meantime. burn ban be damned.

    – two weeks it’s on for the super “bowl”. seatown is so hyped this lid is gonna blow. so smoke em if ya got em

    – weekend recap…..pretty much went down as planned above. spent about 5hours too many at da local brew joint. paid off in spades as recently single up-town girl from boulevard park made a random appearance. seed’s been planted to be reaped when cool down period expires.

    new paragraph to highlight the kick ass job those plant-a-seed cats did with the smash life banked slalom on saturday at alpental. doobie and a brew in the starting gate. what more can be said other than a BIG THANK YOU! sadistic course though. ewwww we!

    speaking of planting seeds….sunday seahawk fever indeed was a panty remover night as expected. not sure what’s up with the sactown-to-seatown express all these ladies be coming here on but it’s all good. keep that train a rollin’. sac-town ladies bring it. and bitchez be rollling on the two wheels of steel to boot. pshhhh. dome = blown

    monday-am quarterbacking bike ride to hatties to keep the stoke going.

    with a state of the union like that it makes life’s vicissitudes seem like first world problems.

    da prez

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    Do I have to like football now? Where steve largeant at?

    da prez
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    wellz, wellz, wellz….happy to report ullr’s return to the cascades unharmed.

    speaking of unharmed

    check it…unhappy to report that da prez’s luck ran out. bartender lady friend wasn’t having da prez’s shenanigans so no invite to stick around until shift was over and back to her crib. equates to a wobbly sesh of pedaling home down one of Seatown’s biggest hills. end result was a digger straight to the shoulder and could be out for remainder of season. no biking to boot. da f#$%???? mighta bonked the dome too as da prez woke up that night at 3:30am thinking it was time to get ready for work. started coffee, looked at clock and sez w-da-f? back to bed in pain. ay yo…no pain no gain. time to test the mental fortitude of hearing about pow slaying w/o me. psshhhhh. specialist next week for detailed analsyisisisis. tis all psyops anywho.

    time to mount lil prez’s trail-a-bike to bro-hams bike for weekend festivities. sling up da arm such that it’ll support launching fireworks while other hand holds on to handle bars. visualize one of dem arm pads / falcon perches. nothing but blue & green roman candles this weekend. duck and cover bishes.


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    The panty thread is dead.

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