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    On last weekends tour, one thing become rather obvious:

    I have quite a bit of play where my slider plates attach to the touring bracket.

    The play is most obvious side to side but there is also a slight amount of forward/backward play. I noticed that where the slider plate “stopper” (or whatever it’s called) sits in the heel riser, the normally squared lip/edges are worn down on both sides. In the picture, the arrows show the direction of play and the circles are where it’s worn down:

    The pin holes in the slider plate have worn down a bit enlarging the hole just enough to cause it to feel loose. The touring bracket arms (where the pin slides through) also have a slight bend in them.

    Because of this, the play in the slider plate has rendered the crampons useless in non-fixed mode because there’s just enough play for the crampon to come down right on the sidewall (I’ll bend the crampon to get around this). When skinning, the play also seems to be causing the touring bracket screws to come loose. I had to tighten them down several times this trip (note: I don’t use loctite on these screws, but have them wrapped in teflon tape). Both plates have play but one is more noticeable than the other.

    Is this somewhat common? Is everyone else that’s using Voile hardware experiencing some play in their interface? The interface on my girlfriend’s Prior is very secure, although it hasn’t seen nearly as much use as my board has. If it’s not that big of a deal, I’ll simply deal with it and not worry about it, but I didn’t expect it to get so sloppy so soon.


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    e gad…double post!

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    I don’t have the crampons yet so I don’t know the abuse they add to the system. I’ve got quite a bit of miles on my touring brackets and no problems yet. They are kind of chinsy though and I have bent the tabs that the pin goes thru to straighten them up once. Otherwise no problems. I’d definitely loc-tite the screws though. Use the blue medium and it shouldn’t be a problem to get them in or out.

    I haven’t had to do any other maintenance. I did 18-25 miles @ the splitfest alone. I think they have over a 150 miles on them at least.
    I also don’t think they are meant to last forever…it does get wore out. 🙁

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    I haven’t had this problem and haven’t heard of this problem, but the other weekend on an overnighter, Matt, with a full pack, had his split crampons on fixed mode. The sideways force of the crampon where it is fixed under the lifter bracket caused his screws to strip out on the lifter bracket.

    Have you tried the Burton interface? Talke about quite a bit of play. 🙄 😀

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    3-4 threads will provide for full engagement but I think Matts screws were a tad short. It looked like he only had 2…maybe 3 full threads engaging in the insert and they ended up stripping out. They were the same size as regular binding bolts which should be the correct length but I’d still want another thread or 2 for bite.

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    I have been using the same plate for about 4 years now and they do develop alot of play over time. basically the hole the pin goes through has become larger and somewhat ovalized. Inevitable since the pin is hardened steel and the plate just aluminum.

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