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    So now that I’ve narrowed the boot quest I’m looking at plates. Its either mindbending or I’m dense, probably a little of both, maybe 420 plays a part but: which plates will fit on my Burton split?

    I first looked at the Bombers but they won’t work on the Burton according to their literature.
    So then I read a couple threads on plates, no clear answer.

    What does anyone else use on the Burton for a plate that will accept AT boots?


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    Does the Burton Split have a 3hole pattern? I’ve never actually seen one up close without bindings. If so, the easiest answer is to find a pair of Burton Race Plate Bindings. They’ll fit boots upto about size 30mp depending on sole length.

    Like these:

    However, $150 is a bit steep in my opinion. Since you don’t need the cants, stomp pad, etc. I’d say put a message up on the classifieds saying you want to buy some used Race Plates. I’d guess $50-100 depending on how old they are.

    The bails aren’t narrow enough to fit snugly with most AT boots (toe and heel are too narrow). They still work OK, but you can easily improve the fit with some plastic tubing. I wrote some instructions a while back on the Couloir forum. Here they are:

    1. Remove the toe/heel blocks from your plates and pull the bails off.
    2. Buy two lengths of tubing about 12″ (size 3/16″ID-5/16″OD and size 5/16″ID-7/16″OD)
    3. Cut 4 pieces about 1.5″ long from each size.
    4. Take the 3/16″ pieces and split them lengthwise
    5. Wrap the split 3/16″ piece around each side of each bail.
    6. Pour yourself a glass of really hot water and dump the 5/16ID pieces in there.
    7. Once the 5/16″ pieces are good and hot, slide them over the knob on the bail and up around the split and wrapped 3/16″ sections to capture them in place. This is the hardest part of the process, but the close fit is what keeps everything in place.
    8. Now you’ve narrowed the width of the bails by 1/4″ on each side. Your boots should have less wiggle room. If you need to take up even more space, I suppose you could get 7/16ID-9/16OD tubing and add another layer.

    There’s a picture of a doctored heel here:

    Toe Bail here:

    Good Luck!

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    It looks like in the link hb added, the bindings come with a four hole disc so you should be fine. The Burton split interface will also accept a 3hole pattern I believe. So you should be able to use the Burton Race Plates on the Burton interface. As you’ve discovered, the Voile Mtn plate and Bomber plates wont.

    I’d also throw a small warning out there about using a rigid plate binding on the Burton interface. The interface cant take too much stress from the binding so you might experience interface failures. With a strap binding, the baseplate is typically plastic so it absorbs and limits some of the force and stress put onto the interface from the binding. Food for thought…you might want to look into getting a Voile compatible splitboard if you plan to use plate bindings.

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    Again thanks for all the input, this site is awesome.

    Guess I’ll have to ponder this one for awhile, don’t really want a whole new board for $ reasons. My burton is old enough that I might just get those race plates and if it all blows up I’ll just upgrade. I really like the way the Burton rides.


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    If you can find a pair of the Burton rental plates you should be ok. They have the adjuster for boot sole length that runs the full length of the base for quick easy adjustments, hence the term rental plate. They are fairly soft so the possibility of interface damage should be at a minimum.

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