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    Does anyone have any experience with the Pieps DSP?

    I ask because next Monday, I am meeting with the head of R&D and the CEO of Pieps to discuss their beacon. I have experienced some things that I don’t like about it. For Example, when I put an older F1 into a mock multipule burial, I found that it “confused” the DSP (perhaps because of drift, however, my Tracker had no problems). Also I found that in search mode, the batteries drained real fast.

    Has anyone else experienced this. I would love to be able to go with some positive feedback.

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    I just read my post and thought I should point out the good side of the DSP

    The DSP is in a sense one of a kind. Just as the Tracker revolutionized the beacon world with the introduction of a 2 antenna digital beacon, the DSP is leading the way in yet another evolution in the beacon world with its 3 antenna design. It has the capability of “scanning” the scene and identifying how many victims are buried within 5, 20, 50 meters respectively (I may be off on these numbers, but its something around there). In addition, once a victim is located, the beacon “eliminates” that signal, and directs you to the next strongest signal.

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    There are supposed to be a couple other transceivers this year which also have 3 antennae. One is the Ortovox S1. The other is the Barryvox Pulse, which was mentioned in the Avy Discussion Forum (which might be a better forum for this topic).

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    When giving companies feedback on their product the most valuable information often isnt the positive stuff, it’s the negative stuff. They don’t need to hear that their product rocks, they need to hear how to improve it. You just have to be thoughtful with how you present the negative info so it isn’t too harsh and makes them get defensive. Then follow up with the positive. I’m not familiar with the DSP, just thought I’d share my opinion and experience with the feedback process.

    Good luck!

    And yeah, Avy Forum is the place for this. 🙂

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