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    Hooked up with gimpy, joesnow, and mountainvoodoo on Sunday for a sampling of the non-maritime snow that fell on the Tahoe region.

    Here are some pics. 🙂

    Mountainvoodoo at the TH.

    gimpy and sierra cement

    the Blair Witch cabin

    pit action

    joesnow drops in



    gimpy and buddy


    The snow was pretty epic. 😀

    Thanks for a fun day guys! 8)

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    I hate it when the blower snow sticks to my face!!! 😀

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    Is this an exceptionally light winter for you guys, or typical? So far the snow in almost all of these Tahoe TRs looks sweet. Not that I’m jealous or gonna move there or anything…

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    We usually get a couple really cold storms a season. This last one was exceptionally light and deep.

    Don’t worry, you can ask us about our mtns. and snow. We’re not worried about a bunch of Californians moving here and raising the cost of housing, crowding the bc, etc.

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    You know it’s a good day when your teeth start to hurt from smiling through the icy face shots…

    That kinda snow is why Voile made the 195st…. My 178st didn’t cut it… Still fun, but coulda used more float…

    Thanks for sharing the pics… And as always, Buddy looks like he has the most fun out there… Nice having a riding companion that doesn’t complain, won’t snake your line, and has as much if not more fun that you.

    Good stuff….

    Greg - NoKnees

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    5300 vert aint bad for old farts like us. Sorry for not sharing crash space Sunday night, but our house was full for the weekend. Let me know if you need space next time.

    Great riding with you, and of course great pic’s again. Storms rolling in Monday, would you be up for some more stash ?


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    schweet guys.

    Way to track the avi paths before everyone else.

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