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    I keep on seeing all these posts, hearing a lot of my own friends grumbling, and people talking mad shit and getting GRUMPY about the ski season being over. Folks, the Phat Lady, Mother Nature has not sang yet.

    These photos you are about to see are from last weekend in Wyoming. I am not going to go into great detail over this trip (location=undisclosed and best photos not shared) because I am working on an article. Partners on this trip were Thomas Turiano, Matt Lloyd, and I. We set out for the high country and skied/rode powder all weekend in an area that has seen little human traffic. It is one of the few places that Tom has not skied in this part of the state. Powder, steep lines, treated us well. These lines will be good for a long time coming, so keep your chins up, get out in the high country, and earn it.


    photo credit: Thomas Turiano

    Thomas dropping the line

    Matt lower down on the route: Photo credit: Thomas Turiano

    Thomas and Matt on Route, After we headed over and rode the red.

    Looking back on it all.

    Climbed back up and dropped the cornice into this bowl. Sickest line of the day.

    Picture of bowl just dropped.

    The bigger picture.

    Let’s just call this a teaser, YO!

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    You SUCK!!! J/K. Damn that is some quality grade A terrain. Did you guys ski that first coulier? So that is what’s hiding out there huh. Who’s the article for? do I ask too many questions?

    Anyways great pics. Much needed stoke for this weekend. Heading down to Cooke City this weekend for Cornfest(probably not skiing corn though) and to try and knock off a run I really want. Hopefully the snow will give the green light. Oh yeah did you guys ever hit the diagonal?

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    The Diagonal is a whole other story that I am working on getting submitted…we had an epic incident that did not even involve riding (cannot let the cat out of the bag). 😀 Will keep all the bro’s posted on that.

    The first couloir posted has probably never been skied or ridden before. We did not have time to bag it. Top secret stash.

    Both stories I am going to try to submit to various publications (mountain gazette, couloir, backcountry, etc.) Crossing my fingers. Going to a professional photographer this weekend to work on pictures to submit with both stories.

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    Nice! Can’t wait to see the articles. What the hell kind of backpack is Tom Turiano wearing? Looks like it’s from WWII! 🙂

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    Looks like there are a lot of nice lines in that beautiful bowl! That couloir in the first picture looks rather gnarly though. Hope you get published and look forward to reading the article and updates on the “epic incident”, and yes, what kind of backpack is that?!

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    @jimw wrote:

    What the hell kind of backpack is Tom Turiano wearing? Looks like it’s from WWII! 🙂

    Or maybe he was delivering some mail on the way??

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    Nice stuff man! I’ll be looking forward to your article too! 8)

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