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    I’m thinking of buying a new split with channel type insert (Voilé or Burton!). Anyone knows if the Phantom bindings are compatible with such insert systems?

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    Looks like it’s working OK with modified t-nuts!

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    You have to grind down the tnuts so they are just below deck height on the Voile and Burton channel systems.
    The K2 system works different as they dont use a tnut, they have made a specific Al channel nut.
    You will have to do this for Phantom and Karakoram.

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    I was wondering the same thing as I was considering a burton flight attendant split with my phantoms. I don’t particularly like the idea of having to grind down the inserts to get them to fit. Has anyone found an insert that fits flush with the board that allows you to use the channel system?

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    Can y’all be more specific about grinding tnuts down. Won’t that destroy the threads?

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    I did it last year on a Burton dump truck. My buddy has an automotive shop so I had just the tool. A hand held grinder in one hand. Vice grips locked into the nut in the other. Hope that helps! Safety goggles gloves too.

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