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    Nice! I look forward to seeing the wait list…I plan on being on that list as well. Thanks for the great reviews!

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    Got a couple more days on the proto Phantoms. They are riding great. So nice and light compared to the first edition. The added binding flex is much better and the board connection and reaction is still super tight. I got to ride them on smooth bullet proof, just about unrideable rough bullet proof corn, perfect corn, deep sticky mank and corn in tight trees.

    It is spring conditions, so I did not get to test the icing issues but at the transition they slide on so much easier with the polyethylene shim and the narrowed connection points. The new locking design works really well.

    I did get a bit of a shift in the adjustment of the pins, I think. John has mentioned that he adds a touch of blue loctite to the threads to solve that issue.

    Really stoked to actually get a pair for Rebecca and myself. These things are such a dramatic improvement over anything with the Voile pucks. I don’t think John sleeps much. Thanks for the hard work!

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    @buell wrote:

    The added binding flex is much better and the board connection and reaction is still super tight.

    Agreed. I think the additional flex is dialed in perfect on the new version. If anything, the v1s were too responsive, which led to a bit of a ‘harsh ride.’ The ride now is so natural and easy with the Phantom v2s, I really can’t imagine the ride being any better.

    Nice work John! And the new heel lifters are super fly… just the icing on the cake.

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    Thanks guys for giving these prototypes a good beating. I didn’t get this opportunity with the 12/13 Phantom “Beta”. For those of you who have them, please contact me about either sending them back or buying them. I need to bring some cash in to support the production build.

    Good news too, I even got one more design deep from what you guys tested out (an even lighter version) so I’m taking all the lessons learned and putting that into what I think is going to be a great binding for everyone. The 13/14 Phantom “Alpha”. I’m going to hold off on the Phantom heel risers as I want to get one more season on them so they work flawlessly, but I’ll still have a complete package to sell so it can be a one stop system for those who want that. And of course, some more prototype goodies for the Phantom Test Crew. The 13/14 season is gonna be a good one! :bananas:

    I’m still working out the final details for the Alpha bindings. They will be for sale so not to worry, just might be another limited build. They will be ready by Oct 2013 and will be less than $825 for a complete system.

    Sorry, I’ve been off the boards and not returning many emails. I had a really interesting project come up and it’s just taking all the focus I got. Then I’m off to the Cape to inspect hardware. It’s so ridiculous it just might work, but sorry, not splitboard related.

    To give you a hint:

    My Unicorn has ion thrusters, how about yours?

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    Sweeeet!! Great news.

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