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    That’s some next-level mod shit right there @permnation! Two thumbs up!

    What kind of BD blade is that: evac, older pre-Pieps? I don’t recognize it.
    Did you remove the plug rivet and use that hole for a button spring? Or does that shiny ferrule squeeze the neck of the blade onto the shaft?

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    @HansGLudwig Thanks! It’s an older BD shovel, more than likely pre-Pieps. There were no mods done. The shovel blade is made to utilize an ice axe, so it is plug and play. The silver ferrule does spin up the neck to hold it all together. It makes a cool little setup and nests nicely in a pack.

    The axe (petzl ride) is lighter (9oz) than a lot of shovel handles. There is minimal weight to be saved the way I have it besides dropping the wrist strap and stripping the paint off the blade…maybe 3+oz. The BD blade weighs 14oz. It would be cool to mod an Arva Ultra blade to fit…sub 16oz!!!

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    Old-school tool right there. That’s the same blade from a mid-80s Chouinard Equipment shovel that I still have-except they have a raw silver finish.

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