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    Mine is when i’m draggin my pole along and the powder basket on the pole catches the tail of the board, snagging it out of my hand and makin me cuss. I do it all the time and can never seem to learn from it

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    The other day I was skinning along and my tip got stuck under a small branch. I face planted. PJ laughed. I cussed.

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    Yes, I do this one quite often as well. Totally catches you off guard.

    @Splitfire wrote:

    Mine is when i’m draggin my pole along and the powder basket on the pole catches the tail of the board, snagging it out of my hand and makin me cuss. I do it all the time and can never seem to learn from it

    Unruly Baker
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    The peeves above don’t really bother me. More of a slight annoyance.

    What bothers me is the wheezing, high heart rate, sweating, and the general unpleasant feeling of being “tired” or “worked” or “whooped” or whatever you want to call it on that last skin of the day (or every skin some days). 😉

    The kick turns on steep, hard, off-camber icy switchbacks where you are standing on one leg for the kick turn, and that skin/ski slides loose throwing you on your face, putting your bare hands in the freezing snow (usually happens at the “worked” phase above when you are hot so you took your gloves off 😡 ). Then you spend 5 minutes trying to claw and sidestep up and around that switchback only to realize there are 10-20 more of those to go and you left your crampons at home for the “light tour” planned for that day. Those skinning days peeve me a little. 😆


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    People’s pets create my pet peeve — dog poop on the skin track. Nothing sucks more than someone elses dog’s poop on me skins. At least if its my own dogs’ poop I can deal with the self blame as I always try to pick it up — if I missed it I deserve it.

    Boot post holes also kinda suck especially on the steeps.


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    Watching snowmobiles tear up the slope you were heading to is a real bummer.

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    the worst has got to be when the skins come off on the ascent, because i chose to go up something too steep, slide backwards, and somehow snow gets caught inbetween, and now i’m on something too steep and my skins are falling off! although, after reading the learned comments on this board, i think i need to carry some kind of tape (athletic, duct, something) for this.

    how about when the camel back freezes and you’re desperately inhaling for a sip of water??? that sucks too. stop, unload the pack, bite the tube like a rabid dog.

    and yeah, when you’re pooped, you’re pooped. i hate that.

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    When I’m planning on some new terrain because the snowpack is stabilizing & the weather is supposed to be right …. and … the (^(^*^%$%$%!!! phone won’t quit ringing with whiney ppl that need work done & my schedule is damn full next week & the only day I have to get it done is TODAY!! when I should be in the mtns in that new terrain !!!! AAAAGGGGHHH!!!!

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    I hate it when your not paying attention to the terrain and it ‘suddenly’ gets steep. Then your stuck, trying to traverse a steep slope, not wanting to move, wishing for your crampons and balancing on your edges staring at the forest below you.
    Then as you’ve always feared – the skis/skins loose their grip on the slope and your zipping down with your useless boards in tele mode flopping all around. The ice axe in your pack seems so far away. Who uses an ice axe for skinning…?
    As the woods are getting closer, you start to try to roll out of the way of the first set of trees. Then you are whipped around and now are heading for the forest head first. Picking up speed. The strong desire for your ice axe is now replaced by a strong desire for your helmet.
    Struggling frantically to get your feet back under you finally works and the first set of trees goes whizzing by just a few feet to the right. As you coast into the meadow you where aiming(struggling) for and finally stand up, an overwhelming sense of relief(luck) washes over you. “I’ll never do that again.” you say to yourself.

    I HATE IT when that happens!

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    How about when you and a friend plan a trip up a classic line for the next day then your buddy mentions it to a friend then, through the grapevine everyone knows where you are going the next day and wants to join you. Last year we had 8 people wanting to go and I just ditched them all and went solo somewhere else.

    Dog crap and postholes suck too.


    light uphill winds while my bc partner behind me has ass straight from Dante’s lair.

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    I hate it when we have years like this and the damn snow won’t shut up(whoomphing). Oh and when your stupid AT buddies so graciously volunteer to break trail with thier ridiculous skinny skis only to leave you to “re-break trail” 😉 /heavy sarcarsm/

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    Mine is when you see other people, say hi or share a smile and they ignore you and walk on by. I always feel a bit of pity for people like that, must suck to be them.

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    UTAH wrote

    Mine is when you see other people, say hi or share a smile and they ignore you and walk on by.

    Amen to that. I cant stand that

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    Mine is when your someone’s dog steps on the back of your board while skinning. It kinda stops all your forward momentum and sometimes makes you wipe out. I know their feet might get cold, but if people are taking dogs in the backcountry they need to train them on basics or they could be a liability.

    el diablo
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    i hate it when people who have about the same ascent rate as you, skin past, and take a break aways ahead. then you skin past them and take your break, getting passed again. it’s really no ones fault (except maybe theirs cause they aren’t breaking at a dedicated break point). it just sucks having to get stuck in a loop and nod your head at people you don’t know but increasingly hate as you switch leading positions over and over. usually it ends up with me putting a little too much effort in getting ahead and staying there just to stick it too them, which in leaves me wheezing and hacking and eventually getting chilled while i put my board together. i have no problem if you pass me and i never see you again or vice versa.

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    Is it really that crowded in Alaska? Hard to imagine.

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    Oh man,its like i’m riding with all of you. Good to know these problems are universal,esp the friends with Atomic ass,guys breaking trail with their lil skis-only for us to rebreak trail,sliding on steeps and wishin i had my crampons,weird-rude BC people.

    Funny shit

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    Yeah – basically anytime my skis are pointed up but my direction of travel is pointing down. Almost always this happens because the slope angle steepens tantalizingly close to a switchback or the top of a slope and I decide that I can just use my poles and brute force to power my way through. It never works.

    Ditto on the wierd/rude people, too. There’s only two people on the entire mountain and one of them is throwing the stink-eye. What’s up with that??

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    I think that taco bell dog on your dashboard is givin’ me the stink eye…
    wuts up wid dat?

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