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    Mountain Freak
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    Just curious if anyone else runs into this… Everytime I’m in the BC boarding, just about everyone I cross asks me about my board, how it works, and if I can show them how it works. Don’t get me wrong, I love telling people about it, but it never fails that I have to do a presentation for Voile everytime I see another person. I swear I’ve sold 10 splitboards to boarders that carried them on their backs.

    affix snow
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    I agree!

    I wish there were more chicks in the BC……

    Having a splitboard in the BC is like having a puppy at the mall. Always starts conversation.

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    I wish there were more chicks in the BC……

    Great line. Too funny!

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    I bet you sold more than 10. Every splitter needs to do what you’re doing, and don’t forget to tell ’em to check out
    I had a first the other day, though. Hitching back to the car with my bro, the first truck that comes along stops. Its a huge new crewcab pulling a trailer full of shiny new highmarking sleds. The passenger rolls down the window & says, “Nice splitboards, I’ve gotta get into that. You guys wanna ride?” Pretty cool.

    Mountain Freak
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    Having a splitboard in the BC is like having a puppy at the mall. Always starts conversation.

    That would be so nice if there were more girls out there. I’d say the board is even better than a puppy! It stands out so much everyone wants a piece of you!

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    We had an interesting experience with some snowshoers…

    We were skinning towards an old mine when we ran into a group of snowshoers coming down. One questioned, “what kind of skiis are those?”. Without hesitation another in the group replied, “He’s just got them on backwards.”

    You never know what to expect out there.

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    We use lift access to the backcountry here, and seem to get looks and people asking us about our splits almost everyday at the trailhead when we kit up.

    Yeah, it sometimes feels like we are salespeople for Voile and Prior…

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    Hi Mountain Freak,

    Glad ya finally got a splitboard and glad to see you here! 8)
    And yeah, like jared said don’t forget to tell ‘em about too. 🙂

    Splitboards are very common here in Tahoe so I haven’t had any strange looks in a while. The skiers are usually stoked to see we aren’t on snowshoes and the snowshoers are usually bummed they aren’t on splitboards.

    Mountain Freak
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    Your site is awesome BCRIDER, glad you recommended it. And of course I always tell people about I have only seen one other person out here in Colorado w/ a splitter, like fortysix&2 said, everyone asks what the heck kind of skis are those and why I have them backwards. But everyone I’ve talked to said that is the coolest thing they’ve ever seen. 😀

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    MF, not sure if I have ran into you yet or not. I have noticed a huge increase in Splitriders up at Berthoud Pass. There is usually two or three besides myself up there. The sport is growing and is becoming much more popular.
    My first trip down to Wolf Creek pass this year, I was the only snowboarder and a whole lotta telekooks. The last time I was down there it was a whole lotta splitriderkooks and just a few tele weirdos. It is catching on…

    Mountain Freak
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    I don’t think I’ve run into you yet, because I haven’t used the splitter at Berthoud yet. I’ve been to St. Mary’s glacier and Butler Gulch. I plan on skinning up Quandary Peak and Bierstadt… should be good rides. You’ll know me if you see me though. I have yellow OR Gators. Haven’t seen to many with those. 😀

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    Splitboards are like puppies at the city park…everyone wants to pet it.

    It’s just too bad when I go to the city park with my board on a leash because the responses are not nearly as friendly.

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