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    Having landed a few spots in the lottery last October, I’ve been praying for snow and counting the days. Left the flatlands on Wednesday(1/6) and headed north to the Sequoia NP. I haven’t spent much time on the west side of the Sierra’s, but I’ll certainly be back after a trip like this.

    Acclimating and prepped for the next days journey just inside the park entrance at Potwisha…say it with me…POTWISHA

    Up the hill to Lodgepole the next morning, seems like they get their fair share of fog in the central valley

    You are greeting by a 2000′ vertical climb right out of the gates, affectionately known as the hump…they aren’t kidding

    The tour in was quite a grind and we were not packing light:)

    After a late start we reached the hut as the sun set, jubilant to have reached our destination and eager to explore the surrounding backcountry over the next few days

    Time to lighten the load

    This was almost the death of Jacko but oh so tasty…owe you one buddy:) :guinness:

    Awoke the next morning to survey snow conditions and the surrounding winter wonderland. It’s on now!!!

    Jojo bombing up the Matterhorn. The south facing lines above the lake were pretty wet, but the north facing back bowls had plenty of light untracked pow. Pretty amazing considering we haven’t had a significant storm in a few weeks.

    Way better than the Disneyland ride :thumpsup:

    Charged Skier’s Alta for our first run the next morning, conditions were prime

    Jacko shredding the knar down Alta

    That was horrible…really 😀

    Always time for a sunset lap in the front yard

    I never get tired of taking sunset shots, that night’s was truly a treat

    More loveliness

    The End, we’ll be back Miles!!! :clap:

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    sweet…coverage did look surprisingly (to me anyway) good up there. Nice work!

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    yeeeeaaaah, nice to see you scored some good conditions, and so good to see how the westside is doing. :rock:

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    Told you that you would like it up there! Looks like you guys scored some epic days. Right on the West Side :disco:

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    Nice work man! Looks like fun times.

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