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    Date: July 22, 2006

    Location: Folger Peak, Ebbets Pass CA

    Weather: Record setting heat wave in the valley but pleasant in the mountains.

    Participants: Vets, MJ, bcrider

    Gameplan: patch skiing

    Duration: 5hours or so

    Vertical: 1000feet or so

    Distance: 2-3miles roundtrip


    Pics: bcrider, Vets, MJ

    Intro: Nine days of above-100degree-heat (in a row 😯 ) and a break in the family schedule where all I needed as an excuse to escape into the mountains. I had planned to do some patch skiing near the Crystal Range but decided the four mile dry-approach was more punishment than I needed to endure. Luckily for me I hooked up with the world renowned patch skier named “Vetsâ€Â

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    After a look around we downclimbed into the chute.

    Vets wishing he had double Whippets. 8)

    MJ does the honors while I try to get a good angle.

    My view.

    Back to Vets’s view.

    I moved across to the other side of the chute for a different angle and Vets went next.

    I went last, came in a little hot n heavy, and lost an edge. No pics, sorry. 😉
    When the snow gets this suncupped I can see how having an extra set of edges (skiers) is nice.



    After our first chute we went back up for a different one.

    Taking a breather at the top.






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    Vets on the green run back to the lodge.


    Vets hits the looker’s left entrance to the SnowMelt Couloir.

    bcr is still thirsty.

    MJ takes the looker’s right.

    MJ and Vets do a doubles run.

    MJ with our handiwork in the background.

    Vets hits the last little pinch…

    before the patch ends.

    MJ works it to the end too.

    From here we had a pleasant little walk back to the car.

    Complete with more flowers…

    Meadow Penstemon (I think)

    mellow stream crossings…

    and pretty views. I think this one has iskibc’s name on it. 🙂

    Soon we were back at the car. Vets cant help but smile after a fun day.

    Looking back from the pass to Folger Peak on the right.

    I got a good look at the Glider Chute too.

    Here is a view from winter.

    TR here:

    Parting Shot:
    TR in the making. 🙂

    Thanks for a fun day Vets and MJ! It was great to ski with you guys again, cant wait until August!

    The End:

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    Some nice patches you’ve found. Nice botanical pictures as well. Here in OR the heat is trecherous too. Temps in the valley are over 100F for several days but in higher elevations the snow is surprisingly good. Hope there is still some left for August.

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