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    Seems to be some angst & hostilities pent up around these parts lately. Maybe seeing the end of an epic winter is just too hard to take…next winter will come. Until then – my suggestion – spend countless hours at work scouring Utube or whichever site you like then put your favorites up here so everyone else can kill countless hours at work being unproductive but at least entertained.

    My contributions to start:

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    Sick sick sick. Thanks for posting and ensuring my unproductiveness. Keep em coming.

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    …and the honey badger don’t give a shit.

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    (I don’t really have any connection or great love for Forum as a business unit… I just like the fun atmosphere that this trailer has. Not epic… just fun, which is what snowboarding is to me… just fun.)


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    Finally tested the waters climbing again. I kinda figured having metal in my ankle would force me to give up this season. I was wrong! :bananas:

    my daughter

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    Great stuff!

    Man Rughty your girl kicks ass! Fearless

    If anyone has any affection for wild places, mountains, surfing, and pioneers(probably not anyone on this forum 😯 ) check out the movie “180 Degrees South” Not sure where its available – we got it through netflix.

    gary begley
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    Come to Utah and learn to speed fly…many hike and fly lines to be had : ))


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    End of winter, you say?

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    X2 on 180 degrees south. Fantastic film

    I’m not on this forum a whole lot, but it is my favorite. Always brightens my day :headbang:

    Keep the stoke folks

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    this is how the crew on my block rolled when i was a kid. we used big wheels and a fire truck pedal car into a pond, our trick was to flip or spinout into the pond.

    the step stone pillow line is siiiiick.


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    That’s awesome.^^^

    I still owe you pics. I haven’t forgotten, just crazy busy recently.

    gary begley
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    Always fun to be had 🙂


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    but summer brings this 😀

    and these

    also this

    It also brings a new winter 😀

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    How ’bout some jibbin’ on the river?

    Cache Creek highway run.

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    Here’s some good entertainment. You might have seen this already…
    But if you haven’t, it’s pretty funny.

    We have one token gay guy at work. He’s totally open to the humor of it all – way cool dude.
    Anyways, we have given him a nickname – honey badger –
    from this video
    it cracks everybody up – even him. He loves being called the honey badger…

    “…honey badger don’t give a shit!”

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    I wish they all could be California girls….

    Lake Tahoe is Kick ass year round!

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    Ok it isn’t summer & snow season has everyone itchin but this is maybe the best kite porn I’ve ever seen – so if you have 25 min.


    Ok – little dab of snowporn from last weekend. The Bighorns in WY…don’t need a ton of snow to make good kite conditions possible
    J-hole Will:

    Will goes big

    Sessioning the natural halfpipe – not my pic – Will’s

    Pascal from earlier in the week – he doesn’t just go big he flies – another Will pic – thx Will


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    1 More: Sorry if this is boring but this is Pascal & Will from earlier in the week. Believe me – as big as it looks the film really doesn’t do justice to what they are doing. This is what is possible – I’m no where near this skill level yet. Yesterday though with 6-8″ powder & perfect 9M wind I thought I was getting a little closer. Powder makes heroes of the meek.


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