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    For the time being i am living in seattle and desperately want to get up on some of these cascade volcanoes. i have approx five years bc experience in my beloved sierras, all the requisite bc and avy gear and the know-how to use it.( climbed and rode shasta a few times as well as many other east side descents) i’d like to hit up hood first as sort of a shakedown and then rainier. i’d love to hook up with some people who have intimate knowledge of rainier as far as snowpack and routefinding. thanks-david

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    I’m right there with you, I recently aquired my first splitboard. Got to try it out above Tahoe over a week at the end of February. I’m live in Seattle and also have all the requisite gear needed to get out there and just need to meet up with some locals that have a little more local mountain knowledge. Tell me where and when.

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    to the OP doodz, and jack, others

    want to hit up Baker BC this weekend? either that, or hit Jim Hill mountain off of highway 2. let me know if you’re down for Sat or Sunday.


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    i’ll be at baker on saturday.

    dawn patrol this morning was siiiiiiiiiiiiiiick, but it really starts warming up, so we should probably get an early-ish start.

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    I am planning in being at Baker on Saturday as well. Depending on weather we might ride lifts, but probably not. Did you guys see the post about the guy who died on Mt Herman on Tuesday? This is the link to article in the paper.

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    have you ever ridden the slope that slid on Herman?

    what was your impression of its risk?


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    no, i have wanted to do stone man for years, but havent ever found anyone to show me how to get there (dont really want to find the approach on my own). personally i think it would be best to do in winter snow conditions rather than spring, so i’ll make sure i get it next year. its such an awsome line and not do difficult, just a longer approach than i am used to. i looked for a pic of it, i dont have any for some strange reason. i’ll take one tomarrow and post it, if its not raining… as for risk, well if i get a picture, it will speak for itself, could be very dangerous in the wrong conditions. it sees lots of sun, is lee, and is very poorly anchored.

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