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    Hello out there-

    My girlfriend and I are moving to Davis, CA this fall- I am looking for some partners I could do backcountry with. I have a splitboard and all the gear necessary to travel in the backcountry: beacon, shovel, etc. I am AVY I certified and also a skilled mountaineer (mostly snow).

    I am just looking for some people who would want to avoid the resorts and hit up the Northern CA backcountry throughout the winter and spring. (and perhaps do some summertime mountaineering).

    Send me a private message or just post here.


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    Don’t be shy!!!

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    welcome plark! 8)

    Bump this thread in Nov if you don’t make any contacts before then. The need for partners is always there when the snow starts flying.

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    What’s up, plark. Hold your horses a bit, there’s plenty of No. Cal bc riders who frequent this forum. You won’t have a problem finding people to get out with.

    Are you going to be a student at UC Davis? They have a world renown outdoor recreation program. Anyways, I’m about 90 miles down the long, flat, hot Valley from you in Merced.

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    Good to here that there are peeps to meet up with. I lived in Colorado for the past 4 years and finding people to do backcountry with was very hard. I guess it was because of Colorado’s notoriously dangerous avy conditions but… it was hard none the less.

    I will definitely post when the time comes..

    My girlfriend will be going to UC Davis part-time.. we are both trying to gain CA residency so that tuition at UC Davis would be cheaper for grad school.

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    Yeah, don’t be worried about finding partners in NoCal. Check out these TR’s to quell the doubts.

    California has a vibrant splitboard community, due at least in part to BCRider’s advocacy. Some of us from NV even get in on it. 😉

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    Looking over the forum I saw that you are looking for partners in No Cal. I live in Incline Village just a little ways from the Cali border in Tahoe. If your in Tahoe, email me and we’ll hit up Mt. Rose or something. Always looking for skinning partners.

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    Im ready, I live in san diego but a 10-12 hour drive is fine with me. I am busy with patrol, but if anyone is going out of tahoe shoot me a line. If its a weekend I dont patrol Im in

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    I’m hittin’ up Shasta on Sunday morning. If anyone is interested, PM me.

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