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    Hi girls and guys,

    So i’m new to the forum and also new to this great sport.
    In april i’m heading to Norway for a my first trip.
    I thought i’d rent most of my gear but what i do wont to buy is clothes. Any good advise on hardshells and pants?

    Kind regards,

    Joost (The Netherlands)

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    I would give serious consideration to a softshell pant, you want maximum breathability (unless touring in a downpour is likely). I usually carry a hardshell jacket but rarely use it. I’m more likely to skin up in a softshell jacket and throw a puffy over it when I get to the top (mine is slightly oversized to fit over my gear). I toured Svalbard a few years ago in April and that worked out fine for me (never used the hardshell). Spend some time touring at a resort and work out what layers work best for you. Even on the coldest days, I wear very little on the up (a synth base layer & softshell fully vented). Your goal is to minimize how much you sweat on the way up. Also, check with the guides where you plan to tour, they will usually have a good gear list.

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    Tried to reply earlier but had problems logging in (seems others have also had issues).

    To answer your question: it’s a matter of personal preference. I like bibs (Burton AK) rather than pants. For a hardshell jacket, I have a lightweight trail running jacket for the uptrack and a lightweight, 3L Goretex shell for the descent though I often don’t use it (just put an insulation layer over the trail running jacket).

    ejorddny’s suggestion to figure it out at the resort is a good one. On a tour, especially when you’re on a trip, is the wrong to realize what you should be wearing! : )

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