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    I’m thinking of buying a fairly narrow waist width solid board but think I will have toe overhang problems running low binding angles. One solution would be to raise the bindings with the Palmer plates – has anyone used them and how does it affect the ride (their website reckons it improves the ride) ? I guess it has a similar affect as the Voile plates used on splits.

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    go to and do a search for “palmer”. Lots of good info.

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    I’ve used them a lot with my resort boards and definitely noticed a nice improvement with them. The board I used them the most with was a Donek Incline with a 10+m sidecut, ~24.3cm waist, and my size 9.5-10 boots running around 24f-9r angles.. Definitely overhang issue normally, but with the plates it kept me off nicely, and helped hold an edge nicely. Turn to turn, edge to edge response is sweet…

    One thing to warn about if you do use them. Be carefull about over-tightening the inserts. With this setup it’s easier to get carried away and pull or pop an insert. Double check mounting screw depth too.

    Anyway, I liked the improvement…

    Greg - NoKnees

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    I used he volkl system for a while and it totally changed the ride of my board. Much stiffer in the tail, better edge power so it cranked in the open spaces. However it became nearly impossible to get thru bumps and trees. Palmer may be different since the plates are smaller though.

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    Yah Spence, that Volk one is pretty significant with the extension going out further towards the tail. Nice to turn a soft to mid flexed carving board into a firm carving machine, but not as friendly on the freeride decks. Definitely too much change to the flex patter of the boards. The Palmer disks extend a little more support out over the edges, and only stiffen up the flex a tiny bit between the feet. Hardly noticeable…

    I have the older, thinner original disks. Some of the newer ones are stiffer, and definitely sit higher. So, be aware which ones you try out.

    Greg - NoKnees

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    There are a couple good boards out there with risers already built into them. I used to ride a K2 Recon Riser, and never had any toe drag problems with my size 13 boots, even though it had like a 25cm waist. I am currently on an Atomic Firestarter running low angles (5-10 degrees either way) and never have any problems. The risers on it are a tad thinner than the Recon, but it is a hair wider. I would recommend both.

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    There was a thread about these around here last winter/spring. That’s what got me to buy mine. haven’t had a chance to try them yet but I’ll be mounting then on an older 168 Eldo.

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