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    So I just did my first day of splitting/touring of any kind, and while it was fun about halfway up I started getting a pain from my leg pelvin/upper leg area (see picture), its fine my legs are idle but as soon as I would lift it up or any kind of motion I would a get a pretty sharp pain, Im home now and it’s hard to lift my leg without feeling pain from there, Ive never felt this before, just wondering if anyone has experienced pain like this, is it just bad form, maybe just being out of shape I guess

    thanks 🙂

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    I had that same pain at the beginning of the season last year(on my first tour). I thought I had strained a hip flexor but I just took it easy for a little while and I was fine. I never felt it again after that first tour.

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    ^use one of these. Start with low weight at first. Also the machine that moves the opposite way, from outside to in.

    Also, i found one of these at a thrift store, it helps.

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    does it come with the yingyang t shirt? and strengthen your keegles?

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    thanks :thumpsup:

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    @colin wrote:

    does it come with the yingyang t shirt? and strengthen your keegles?

    unfortunately no, but I was able to find one in the thrift store!

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    What your feeling is your hip flexor screaming “WTF, I’m not used to this shit!” I’m pretty sure every one here has felt this at one time or another.

    Yup, get in shape. I’ve found that splitboarding is one of the most physically demanding things I’ve done, and I used to frame house for my paycheck, so that’s saying alot.

    HikeforTurns’ exercises are right on. And don’t forget the strectching. You can target the hip flexors by doing deep lunges; get into the lunge position and stretch for a minute or two, then drop your arms down to your elbows, and elongate along your spine and straighten your leg. You should feel it right in the hip flexor. You can also target the hip flexor by laying on your side, pull your foot up behind your butt, grab your ankle (same side arm as leg) and pull back, you should feel the stretch in your quad and hip flexor. I’ve learned alot of this from practicing yoga, which is great for a balance between flexibility and strength.

    Hope that helps. There’s nothing like an aching hip flexor to slow you down on a day when you want to charge.

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