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    I carry a small ziplock with the following regardless of trip. My summer kit is nearly identical.

    Stainless steel bailing wire
    Electrical tape (I prefer over duct tape)
    Hardcore pain killers (e.g. percocet)
    Small headlamp
    3-AAA batteries (for beacon and headlamp)
    Emergency blanket

    Pretty confident I could deal with most situations with this small kit.


    @mutantvan wrote:

    Half a dozen wraps of duct tape on your poles.
    I like the wire tie idea.

    I would still get an entire Duct tape with me and keep it at the accommodation. Having some wraps on the poles adds may be 10 grams, but is irreplaceable for field repairs. You can repair almost anything with duct tape!

    I spent a month in Gulmarg in India, where replacements for anything were non-existent or were 15 year old rentals, which fought me something on self sufficiency…

    Zip ties and bolts, nuts and washers, as mentioned. Some kind of hard wire and pliers. Multitool with various end bits. Some cheap dual-component epoxy. Holds much, much stronger than superglue for various equipment failure repairs.
    Spare ratchet for the bindings has always been a must for me back in my soft boot days.


    @EngineNr9 wrote:

    @Jefe009 wrote:

    Also, multi tool that fits all your nuts/bolts.

    Any suggestion on good multitools?


    @AK wrote:

    Hardcore pain killers (e.g. percocet)

    Yea, I’ve usually Tramal in the first-aid kit – hope they won’t bother me at the customs… You’ll happily continue to ride even with a broken arm.

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Viewing 3 posts - 21 through 23 (of 23 total)
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