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    Hey, just needed advice on pack size and type. Im looking at an osprey ceres 50 or 38 . Which size is better for 1-2 day backcountry ? Also looking at arcteryx boorea or m 40. Any suggestions?

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    I use the Ceres 50L for overnight trips here in the Sierras. The volume (3000 cubic inches) is perfect if you can pack light…otherwise you may find it too small. The 38L could be used for overnighters but you have to pack even lighter.

    As for the pack’ design. It’s very clean and simple. It also carries a load well and lets you attach your splitboard (summer approaches) with confidence. The pack is pretty light too at just over 4lbs. Lastly, it compresses well so when you ditch all your overnight gear and only have a few items in it, it doesn’t flop around. (I prefer taking a daypack though)

    The shovel pouch could be a tad larger.
    Hipbelt pockets and one pound lighter would be nice.

    Good luck.

    Ps. affiliated with Osprey

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    I’ve been using an REI pack (Talus, I think, but it’s no longer on their site) that was 3400 cu. in. I’m not too good at packing light and regardless of trip length (overnight or multi-day) it was always fully packed. Based on that (and previous comments from bcr about his Ceres 50), I decided to order a Ceres 70L. I just got it last Friday so I haven’t used it yet but have a 5 day trip planned over Easter weekend so it’ll see plenty of use then. It will probably be much more than I need (4500 cu. in), but I’d rather have more space than not.

    My other Osprey pack is a Switch 40+5 (2700 cu. in) and I’ve been stoked with it. I could probably get away with using that for an overnight pack but I’d need to change my packing habits quite a bit.

    As bcr mentioned, hipbelt pockets would be great.

    Ps. NOT affiliated with Osprey 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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