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    Sorry for the fact there are no riding pics in this TR, those are being put to Video.

    Joe and I left Thursday after work, battled the I-15 nut house and made it to Vegas by 10 pm. Crashed at Action Jacksons house, woke earlier and did several laps between the 215 loop and the I-15 without leaving vegas. Soon things were coming into place and before we knew it we were in St. George and our first view of snow

    A few hours later and we had Mt Olympus in site

    Next Morning we went to the Big Cottonwood Parking lot with JimW. , Dutchmark,Joe and P420.

    JimW. and DutchMark decided to hook up with Jive Stick and I had decided to meet up with Paulster. Joe, Me an Paulster drove up to Solitude and Started skinning up from across the street. Here is a shot of our Day #1 Guide Paulster

    As we skinned up it started to snow . Joe skinnig in

    We dropped USA bowl to check stability , skinned back up and soon we were at the top. Paulster and Joe do the Transition getting ready for West Monitor Bowl

    Our first drop into the Utah Backcountry was great

    and again

    It was one of the best days in the BC yet for me. Thanks Paul

    Went up to the Lodge that night to meet and greet and to sign up for Saturdays tour.


    We hooked up with Ridefire for Saturday and due to some overnight snow and wind, we stayed at low angles

    Ridefire, Andrew, DuchMark and JimW. skinning in

    We liked the snow so we decided to do the other Monitor bowl. After digging a pit we felt good. I dropped first with the camera(good excuse for first line) But I dint take a shot untill Dutch had dropped. Here’s our first drop

    We were doing loops so it was back up

    We grew more confident in the stability so we dropped the middle of the bowl. As we were transitioning two skiers came up, parked right in front of us to poach our line. We yelled, they yelled , Dutch yelled . I decided to get my shit down before them and made it a point to run over the guys skis as I entered the bowl.

    Tracks on 2nd drop

    We made one more drop there and rode back down USA bowl as it started to snow hard. That night we went to the lodge for the festivities. Cowboy gave a great speech on the History of the snowboard

    Jivestick gave a great Avy presentation, and Then I won a SPLITBOARD , and we hooked up for Sundays skin.

    Sunday we started skinning to Mt. Renolds with our guide Fi (Utahgirl)

    After an hour our target was in sight

    The crew sized up the powder run ahead

    We dropped the first ridge and then skinned back up to the top. As we topped out something caught our eye.


    And I thought JimW was the only one who had one. Here is the close up

    We dropped the main peak and skinned out. Joe and I got ready for the drive back and Andrew , JimW and DutchMark went searching for a Hotel. But just before we left, Paulster was kind enough to offer up a soak in his jacuzzi. Untill next year.

    Special thanks to DJ Barney and Voile for a great new board!!!!!!!!!!!!!ind we headded up to USA bowl . lines

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    I had a great time with ya’ll ! Good bunch of guys to ride/tour with would love to do it again your place or mine .

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    Looks like fun and many nice powder turns to be had. Thanks for sharing.

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    Nice TR 420, I do not plan on missing this event next year!

    Dutch Marc
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    Thxs PT 420, great TR. Good 2 see some SLC Pics

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    Good stuff p420! 8)

    Maybe next year you wont be a yuppie and stay in a hotel away from the lodge and the rest of the splitters. 😉

    Jon Dahl
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    Thanks for the punishment, p420 and all. I WILL be in better health and form next time! I guess you winning that board means I’ll have to buy that split swallowtail now! Now get that viddie up, my wife needs proof of this one.

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    The Chief says that according to ancient Native American legend, Melanono was the son of Dances With Snow Leopards, brother of Zeus, cousin of Allah, and ski partner of Buddha. He was out on a spring tour one especially sunny day, got skin cancer on his nose, and it immediately went to his brain causing him to rappel off a cliff using a spectra sling for an anchor. Of course he then fell to his death as the rope burned through the ‘biner on his harness.

    You’ve been warned.

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    Dude, I would have stayed at the lodge, but two problems. No jacuzzi- now this problem can be rectified (haha he said rectum). I will gladly donate my electrical skills to install one at the lodge this summer. Anyone got a jacuzzi sitting around they would like to donate? And # 2 reason? After watching and Helping Dutch with his shit , getting it up the hill and seeing we had four other guys I decided I would need my strenght to skin, not haul luggage like a bell hop. But, after seeing the digs, I will be there next year.

    Snow Nymph
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    Congratulations on winning the splitboard! Looks like a great trip! I will try to get on one of these trips.

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