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    I have been searching for good splitting overnight pack and cannot find anything good. I need at least 50 liters for a real overnight pack, as sometimes I might need to carry some gear (rope, glacier travel kit, etc) and a reasonable sized winter tent (I am loving my new MSR Remote 2) for winter camping. As I have not found anything better I am using an Osprey Variant 52, but this pack has its limitations. It has limited board carry options, and when compressed to day pack size, the board carry (A frame) sucks.
    The new Osprey board packs are great, but the 42 liter model is way too small, one these in 52 liter would be close to perfect, as the feature set is good.

    I am looking for:

    50+ liters
    both A-frame and front panel board carry, front panel board carry must be good when compressed to 25 liters using side compression.
    Front panel access to “wet” gear, able to hold avy gear, skins, bindings (phantoms only)
    Removable top pocket to reduce pack size for day use, with coverage flap.
    Ice tool carry, useable with a board attached as well
    Internal frame to support 50 lbs or so, (Osprey variant style frame is adequate)
    Good torsional mobility of pack frame for riding (again Osprey variant style frame is good)
    Reasonably light, but not a super light no feature alpine climbing pack

    Any ideas out there?

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    I haven’t done a snowboard overnight for 20 years, so nothing to add really. I used to stitch together all the board carry parts on basic packs back in the 80s to early 90s and they worked pretty well. I’d encourage you to take up thread and needle or sewing machine and add the features to your big pack that you want (probably the easiest route) or take the smaller one and cut it open on the vertical seams, add panels to widen it and extend the top if it is a tube type pack. It can be kind of a fun puzzle to figure out the patterns and the order things need to be done to get the seams done well enough. Show us the best designed multi day split pack ever!

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    Agreed, start sewing

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    If you don’t want to show your seamstress badge, I’d look for an older style Deuter Guide 45. And no, mine’s not for sale.

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    I agree, there is a distinct lack of big splitboard friendly multiday packs.

    Here’s what I’m looking at, but quite pricey.

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    The ultralight route has saved me considerable weight but also alot of space in the pack. Enlightened Equipment for light/packable quilts, Hilleberg for top notch and bombproof tents (Akto), and the Thermarest Neoair xlite is crazy small for a pad.

    You could also find a pack that is close to what you want and modify it yourself. Zpacks sells Gridstop fabric which is what uses.

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