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    Is this okay?

    The binding is size medium, adjusted to full extension, and seems to be hanging off the back quite a bit. Just got them so not sure if this is normal or in need of adjustment. I don’t think much adjustment can occur beyond changing angles since the distance between the plates must remain a constant and by sliding the rear puck in the y direction the corresponding x shift in the front puck will change the 7 5/8″ distance if you hold the angle constant.
    Thoughts? Or am I trippin?

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    Why do you have them fully extended? What size feet do you have and what size width of board? If you have big feet, then your board is probably too narrow as it is. Bump it back one notch on the extension and you shouldn’t have overhang.

    You can flip flop your universal pucks so that you push the front up. The distance between is the same, but the spot where it is mounted will shift by flipping them. I flipped mine and elimated any chance of overhang.

    But I doubt it will cause a problem as is. The angle you would need to hit that is probably like 70+ degrees. If it is 60 or less, you should find something to elimate that overhang.

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    Hey granjero,
    Are you on a factory split or a diy split? If you’re on a factory you have some adjustment on heel and toe centering with the pucks. Our bindings are designed to have the one slot puck on the heel edge of the board, this gives minimum toe overhang for touring. Also, flipping the disk on the one slot puck will change the centering as well, having the letter A towards the outside of the board will move the bindings in the most.

    If you’ve got any other setup questions feel free to drop us a line at 406.580.7674 or at


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    Yo fellas, thanks for the tip on the flipping of pucks, didn’t even think of that! Seems to have solved the problem!
    I’m in 11 boots on a 173 voile split running 21,9 deg, so yah a wider board would probably fully eliminate the issue but I think all will be good. Cheers! :guinness:

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