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    Hey ladies,

    I’m in the market for some new outerwear coming into my next Southern Hemisphere season…a while off yet but I want to start researching so I know how many dollars I need to drop…

    Specifically I’m looking for bib pants and a shell jacket as it’s relatively warm down here and merino thermals are easy to come by, sooo if anyone has any recommendations/reviews I’d love to hear it!

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    We (MRBC) are getting sponsored by Mont this upcoming winter and will be testing their “New” technical fabric out.
    Previous I’ve been a supported of Ice Breaker and Mountain Designs.


    Adam West

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    Female bib pants? Those are hard to find.. extremely hard if you’re looking for a softshell version.

    I have had a number of successful seasons on the Arcteryx Gamma SK Pant. Where the SK version is specific to having wider legs to accommodate ski and snowboard boots and has gators. I wear them all year round in midwinter and spring weather and find myself comfortable in all temperatures. I’ve snagged a lot of trees and branches and the material holds up with no scars or tears at all. The cargo pockets are convenient for stashing ski straps or a skin bag inbetween transition. Slim zippered pockets are good for hair ties or lip balm.

    The Patagonia Guide Pants are also a very excellent choice, though for my body type they just didn’t fit quite right at the hips. Too bad because my friend wears them well and loves the durable material.

    Mountain Hardwear offers a lot of options for jackets, softshells, hardshells, mixed soft/hardshells and semi insulated jackets for the descents. Though I have seen some of my male friends suffer from de-lamination of pockets in more than one instance.

    I have used Arcteryx shells primarily (the brand is easily available since headquarters is in our neighbourhood). I found the Stingray (ski descent-specific) a pretty stiff fabric. It will survive 3 lifetimes and anything you throw at it, but I found it uncomfortable quite a bit. I currently rock the Beta LT which is a less durable goretex.. still protective against the weather but I’ve ripped the fabric against rocks.

    Have fun window shopping!

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    Hey Shesplits

    We’ve just got Trew gear into the UK this season and I really like it. They have a woman’s range too and have a bib pant.
    Check them out!
    Happy viewing

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    Thanks for the tips guys! Had been ogling the Arc’teryx gear for a while and not having a lot of luck finding it for anything less than a small fortune, so it’s good to hear some first hand feedback 🙂

    The Trew gear looks great! Going to do some serious window shopping now….. :drool:

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    last season, i got myself the sweet protection voodoo r bib pants to accompany the sweet protection voodoo jacket that i already bought a season ago – i’m in love with this stuff! they have got great features (ventilation, pockets, bib, patches to guard the pant legs against crampons or board edges, …) & fit me well.

    here are the 2013/2014 versions:

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    I’m looking at the Norrona Trollvegga ice climbing waterproof shell pants.

    Removable bib is a big plus, although I’m quite surprised they’ve put big wide straps with big wide buckles down the front (not a great fit with the anatomy underneath).

    However, big plus I think is the full zips – so you can get huge leg ventilation when necessary, plus the bonus of a drop seat option for when nature calls. I think these pants are made for ice climbing, but I think they’ll be good for touring.

    I’ve toured for previous seasons with either winter or summer running tights on underneath.

    For the top – I’ve used a Norrona Falketind superlight Gore shell. It is amazingly light and so cuts a significant amount of weight. I then usually have a summer-weight down jacket with me for when it gets a bit chilly and for in the huts, and this set up has worked amazingly well for me.


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    Tuff enuff – I’ve heard good things about Sweet Protection, kind of tricky to get down here in my experience. ..Probably not impossible though.

    Emma – I like the look of those bibs! They look pretty skinny. ..any experience of fitting them over snowboard boots?

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    Check out The North Face for bibs. They have at least three pairs of women’s bib or pants that come with suspenders. One of the best things about their bibs is that the bib zips on and off. I have been wearing a men’s pair of their bibs for the last couple of seasons which doesn’t fit all that well but is durable, and has the right pockets and vents for me. I need a new pair this season for work so I am going to look at the women’s bibs this time around. It will be novel to have a pair of pants that doesn’t look like hammer pants.

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    Ben Reynolds
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    My wife splits in her Patagonia Super Alpine Bibs and Jacket. The fit is fantastic. The gear is Gore Pro Shell and if you download the patagonia app you can check out their frequent web specials. She bought each piece for $250.

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    Thanks for the tips Kadydid & Ben!
    Luckily I’ve plenty of time to prepare 🙂

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    Whoa.. are you guys touring in hardshell pants? I’d find that extremely hot. I tour in softshell pants in all conditions, whether 0 degrees or minus 15 Celsius. Unfortunately I’ve found no products which offer bibs for softshell pants for women. If anyone does find such a product, I sincerely welcome you to share.

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    I got the Freethinker bib from North Face. Completely waterproof and breathable, comfy fit, easy to get in and out of, pockets are a reasonable size…

    They are kind of expensive but they’re on sale now.

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    Ended up getting bibs and shell jacket through Trew Gear. They haven’t arrived yet…and neither has the snow…but will let you know how they shape up!

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    Hey Shesplits

    How did the Trew gear hold up this winter? Ended up getting a jacket and pants too. Still another 6 weeks before I can try it out. Awesome gear though!

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    I grabbed Trew Trewth bibs on sale last year mostly for sledding/sled laps and they seem burly enough for that. The thin material the gators is made out of delaminated though. Like a rubbery opaque material peeled off, but Trew informs me that it’s only cosmetic and won’t affect waterproofing etc. They threw me 40% off online for my ordeal, which I used to buy a Vaporizer hooded shirt. It’s like a Patagucci R1 hoody, but I got it for a better price and it’s got a bit of steeze.

    Having said all that, my choices for splitting outwear this year are an Eddie Bauer First Ascent Neoteric jacket and Burton AK 3L Hover pants. Super stoked to try out the Neoshell as I find Gore 3L (jackets anyways) just doesn’t breathe enough here on the wet coast!

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    I think I found a pretty good one

    They are pretty sweet bibs that I had been looking at for wife, but she doesn’t care enough to spend that much money. The are sweet gore bibs with the upper portion being soft shell. Looks like we have 6, 8, and 10 so it might not be for you. They are in the outlet section of the site so I bet they go on additional discount for black friday.

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