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    So sometimes I have to ski inbounds (kids, family). Can you bc snowboarders recommend a fun inbounds ski? I’ve been on carving/racing skis most of my life and would like to expand my repertoire.

    Need to be able to at least handle stiff NH conditions but not ice. Those days we stay home.


    Matt Wood
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    Are you asking snowboarders for advise on skis? I’m confused.

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    I had the same problem when I had kids (now I can’t keep up with the little fockers on skis) just get your self a pair Volkl Mantra’s- great all around ski. Press the little Backcountry button on
    Skiing is fun but it’s no splitboard fun, I’m guessing but.. kinda like kissing your cousin.

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    Thx SnP. I like Volkls. Skiing is fun but its not snowboarding fun and definitely not bc snowboarding fun.

    And yes I am asking bc snowboarders for ski advice. I figure there must be some family guys and/or cross over types on this forum. And I figured they might have a similar sense of what a fun ski would be.


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    Inbound ski query on a splitboard blog…



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    Yes, odd place to ask, but since you did-I would say the coolest skis around for fun are dps. The Wailer 99 is about as wide as you might want to go for the east coast. It has tapered tips and tails, which will allow for fun surfy turning on the rare powder day, and adequate sidecut under foot for good carving the rest of the time.
    I am anti corporate ski company as a personal thing, so I am not going to recommend K2/Volkl (same company), Rossi, Salomon, etc.

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    I think this is a great thread! I ski here and there but on old shitty rentals I bought for $50 with bindings. Maybe some day I will drop a little money on a proper pair of skis and boots. Who better to ask for recommendations than other serious downhill sliders that happen to be splitboard enthusiasts?

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    MOMENT rocks!

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    People in Colorado love Icelantic Skis! They are handmade here after all.

    Bent Gate has everything on sale now too.

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    Same boat w/family and kids. I also learned to ski so I could ski my splitboard on short downhill sections and ski-out terrain. I ski Volkl Mantras w/Naxo 21s. I’m no expert, but 90ish underfoot works well for all mountain skiing for someone like me. The AT binding is a must for me because I can get out and do some slackcountry skiing, take my kids up forest roads, or just do some short tours where splitboarding isn’t optimal.

    I also have a pair of Faction 3 Zeros (115 underfoot I think) w/Dukes, but I haven’t been on them.

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