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    I’ll soon be baking my first pair of replacement liners for AT boots. I’m hoping to have the first really good fit of my life. In addition to fit problems, I’m now dealing w/ ankle, knee, hip and back problems. I can blame a lot of it on my hockey addiction and old age, but I also discovered I have high arches.

    The question is: Will foam liners, in effect, create a custom footbed, or should I shell out the extra $ for mail-order orthotics?

    I have tried a variety of OTC footbeds and arch supports since I broke my ankle last year, switching them around in all my footwear. Most have helped some, but I’m still looking for the right combo of support, anti-shock, and comfort.

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    molded lines are no replacment for orthotics. orthotics can be moulded to take care of things like gait (how and where to put presure on your foot) which in turn can ease the pain you getting in you ankle, knee, hip, lower back…

    as well liners do not offer the suport under you arch that you reqire. all moulded liners do is insure aproper fit, they do not suport you foot.

    I have orthitics, and am a huge fan, can you tell. 🙄

    go to a foot doctor and get a proper set of orthotics, they are costly and not needed by every one, but for those of us who do need them, the improvement in mobility and fatigue is night and day.

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    Thanks for the advice :).

    Having just paid off the last of the bills from the fracture, I think I’ll start with the mail-order ($119, money-back guarantee) before setting foot 😆 in another doctor’s office. sends a foam-filled box to take an impression of both feet.

    I’ll post a review.

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