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    I haven’t seen much Volcano stoke yet this spring, and wanted to contribute some. We have already experienced 2 natural avalanche cycles in the Oregon Cascades this May, as we’ve gotten upper elevation snow accumulation followed by near record high temperatures. Still there has been some good days to get out. Snow is minimal at lower elevations, but there is still lots of snow to be had above 6000′ + or -.

    Anyways, here are some pictures from some memorable trips so far this spring.

    Mt. Thielsen NW Couloir:
    I have ridden this line before, but we scored some fresh powder on this late April day, and it was pretty much epic…

    Full trip report in link below

    Mt. Bailey North Face:

    Full trip report in link

    And last week, Buell and I scored good conditions on back to back trips.

    Mt. Jefferson West Rib:

    Milk Creek

    Full trip report in link

    North Sister EMC:

    Full trip report in link

    I am stoked to get out again this week! :headbang:

    Cheers :guinness:

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    Way to go.

    Did you boot up the emc couloir?
    How long do you think until it turns to corn?


    yeah morgan and buell! good job on north sister, ive always wanted to go hit that!

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    I honestly wasn’t that stoked on volcanos this year until I saw this! :rock:

    Mt Jefferson looks amazing! As well as N Sister.

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    Thanks dudes!

    @rod9301 wrote:

    Did you boot up the emc couloir?
    How long do you think until it turns to corn?

    We booted up the Villard. This is corn season in Oregon, but snow conditions in the couloir are going to be dependent on your timing in relation to the current weather pattern. It probably snowed in the EMC last night…

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    Nice! Heard about those last couple from Buell, sounds like you lucked out on the timing. Both EMC and Jefferson look awesome! Seems like it’s been a pretty tough spring to get decent conditions. Lots of weird massive dump followed by rapid heat cycles.

    Would love to see you post the full TR’s here instead of linking to a blog, it makes it a lot easier to search and find beta. Extra style points. 🙂

    Here’s a contribution to the stoke. I made a couple trips out that way in the past month or so. Lucked out and got Middle Sister from the summit down the Diller headwall in mid-April. Been wanting to get that line forever, it was nice to get it in great conditions. Long story behind that one so will post a separate TR on it sometime, meanwhile… dropping!

    Was out at N. Sister a couple weeks before you guys got EMC. It had just dumped the night before. Went out with my husky not expecting much, but it was awesome. Skinned right from the car.

    At about 7k things started getting deep. There was over a foot of awesome pow, and there were clouds up high keeping everything cool and stable. No snow movement anywhere. This woulda been the day to get EMC or any other line up there in epic pow.

    As it was, Mally was getting tired of potholing and being blasted with wind and snow, so we just headed down the low angle pow.

    The snow turned to glop on the way out, and was completely melted at the TH by the time we got out (there was probably 5″ at the TH when I started).

    It got really hot after that and a bunch of stuff slid, I think you and Buell found that as well. Looks like things are shaping up now for nicer spring conditions. Might be heading back out that way soon…

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    Nice job on the volcanos!

    Booted up and skied EMC and got the shot off of Middle Sister back in the 90’s.
    Awesome lines. Thanx for the memories.
    Wish I was there now.

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    Nice work everyone!!! :rock:

    FWIW, those waterfall death traps on Mill Creek were gaping open nearly wall-wall of the drainage (at least the lower one) about a week after you rolled through there. So much so that we opted to try to bushwack up the ridge between the forks…in the rain…before waving the white flag, and opting for some :guinness: and a campfire to dry out.

    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
    162 Furberg


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    Nice work Morgan, you’ve been getting after some sick lines this spring :thatrocks:

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    If jimw can do it, ShredOR and I can do it! (probably not true but we did also drop the Diller 😉 ). Shred has the better riding shots. Hopefully we will see them soon.

    Here are some of Shred recently:



    Jimw and Shred – “We are climbing till we touch that summit pinnacle!”

    Jimw and Shred scoping the next section

    Jimw climbing in his Fitwells and me in my TLT5s. Damn, they both work great, imagine that 😆 !

    Jim riding:
    Creative entrance to the EMC

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    Congrats on the pupplet Jim! Looks like a great addition to the family.

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    Sick photos Buell! here are some of the photos I took on the Diller HW

    Awesome trip!!!

    Cheers :guinness:

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    Those photos look dreamy. Late spring paradise!

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    Nice work fellows. Here’s a pic of the Diller Headwall from some distance to give folks a sense of it’s beauty.

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    ^^^ This :thumpsup: Looks just sick :headbang: Nice score!

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    Great shot stuka. I have been on all the mountains in there but I do not know that angle. Is that from the Tam McArthur Rim?

    Here is one of shredOR from last year when we were headed back from Middle Sister to our camp at Green Lakes.

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    Been getting the volcano fever lately as well. A buddy and I were planning to get up to snowdome this saturday, but we got a late start from Corvallis and didn’t have time to make the long hike up past Tilly Jane from the TH. Instead we decided to skin up to Illumination rock and take a look at the Reid glacier/headwall. Great spring corn when we headed back down to Timberline at about 4. The snow got a bit sticky when we got close to the lodge though. It was a great day to be above the clouds!

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    Solo trip to Hood a few weeks back. Here it is in the morning sun. I rode the line near the cliffs on the far right side of the photo.

    There were a few people on the South Climb route that day. You can see people on the summit and above old chute if you look closely enough. There were butt scootchers and people fed up with the slow moving line and people scraping down the still frozen faces on skis. I was alone.

    Looking down my line.

    These crevasses were LONG. Luckily I found a bridge across them.

    Last weekend ShredOR and I put in a long day of exploring on Jefferson that led to some fun stuff. ShredOR way up high on the ridge.

    After waiting a couple of hours for soft enough snow on our intended line, we got to ride. Shred dropping past me once I could see that the line went.

    Our line was the crooked chute pretty much center of the photo

    After a bit more climbing, we even got some great turns on the way out. Morgan might have some shwacking photos of the forest below. Jefferson is not the easiest mountain to travel cross country on, as others have found out.

    By myself again, the next day I had one more line to hit on N. Sister for the year. I woke up earlier than I needed so I took a bit of a tour before heading to my climb. N. Sister has some personality.

    At the top of my line, it looked like this. Just don’t go too far to either side. And don’t fall.

    It is the snowy ridge heading diagonally to the right across the middle of this photo.

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    That looks awesome. Good job. A little jealous.

    @buell wrote:

    I was alone.

    But really, aren’t we all???? :mrgreen: :guinness:

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    Sweet work Buell and Morgan! That trip to Jefferson looks sweet! Here’s a few photos from my spring.

    Started out in May on Mt Washington’s northwest and southwest bowls…..

    Then it was off to Paulina Peak to shred some sweet chutes….

    Next up was the Middle Sister on June 1st and the West Ridge off the summit, then back over for a Hayden Glacier descent…..

    The next day, June 2nd found us touring the north side of Three Fingered Jack…..

    Then it was a brief one day ascent of the South Sister on June 7th….

    June 14th found us touring a new area — Sawtooth Mountain:

    Then I was fortunate enough to spend two days at Tam McArthur Rim and the northeast side of Broken Top on June 19-20……

    And the Broken Top photos…..

    The ramp above me in the photo below was a sweet feature…..

    And June wrapped up with a few excellent corn runs at Bachelor.

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