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    Hi All,

    My partner and I are looking at doing a trip from Aus to Oregon this year. At this stage we are looking at late Jan early Feb. We will be there for a couple of weeks and are looking at splitting the time between the Mt Hood area and Mt Bachelor area. Probably mainly resorts but also hoping to get some BC time in.

    For those in the know is this a good time for powder in Oregon? We do have some flexibility time wise.

    Any recommendations for Mountains would be appreciated also.


    christoph benells

    Yeah, there will most likely be some fresh snow. The quality depends on the freezing level, which we get some big swings in. Bachelor is on the east side of the cascade crest and generally gets drier snow. I would also reccomend driving a few hours north to rainier, crystal mt, snoqualmie and Leavenworth, and up to baker as well. Eastern Oregon has the wallowas as well.


    Since you’re Australian, yeah what Chris said is good. For everyone else, just go to hood.


    The longer you wait, the better your chances are of getting good snow. March is always a bomber month in Bend. January has had a tendency of staying dry for the first part of the year and nearer to Feb things start to get good. This is also based on our last few years of La Nina. Overall there is some pretty mild BC stuff near Mt. Bachelor, but the pow is amazing when it falls. Don’t ride much outside of Bend so I cant speak for the terrain north of us.

    Cheers, Ryan


    No offensive to Oregon, it’s a beautiful state with awesome outdoor recreation but…if your coming all the way from Aus why not go to the Wasatch, N. Cascades, E. Sierra, Tetons, BC, Canadian Rockies, Colo etc.?


    I’m located in Bend, Oregon/Mt. Bachelor area. Like most folks have said, there IS decent touring here in the Central Oregon Cascades! I’ve lived here half my life and have been accessing the BC around Bend during that time. Plenty of terrain options.

    We can certainly have great… and sometimes not so great conditions here around late January/early February. That being said, there’s almost always somewhere to ride despite whatever mood Mother Nature happens to be in during your visit. Oh, and regardless of why you’re coming to Oregon from Australia, get out in the BC and experience it for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

    As far as peaks/areas near by to check out, try Broken Top, South Sister, Tam MacArthur Rim, Mt. Washington, Paulina Peak, Tumalo, etc.

    If you need anything at all when you’re in town or are looking for a split tour partner- get in touch!

    Cheers, Carlos.

    PS-The North Cascades are also sick, as mentioned earlier. :headbang:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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