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    Went up Ophir Pass this morning and dealt with a gnarlier than expected storm. As soon as we hit the ridge the winds were blowing 40+ mph and colder than a well digger’s bare ass. We managed to make the most out of it though, riding from the top of Battleship Mountain. Good snow down here for sure :doobie:

    Here’s the video, not many pics turned out as it was socked most of the day, except for our run of course.



    :thumbsup: Looked good!


    You did a party run on the east side of Battleship yesterday? Holy god, that’s some balls. 😯

    But that did look good and gives me some hope for this weekend!


    Niiiice one on the acid green helix. Maybe winter aint over after all in the San Juans. That’s a big bad avalanche prone bowl and I’ve always been too puckered to drop into it…Well done.


    Sick turns. Big balls. Nice work. :bow:


    To be honest it rode exceptionally stable, not a single crack.. Except for maybe that mini chute half way down. We did NE shots off Kendall this morning (I’m uploading that now), THAT shi* was ballsy. Rode a sick shot, lookers left, between this huge rock that was towards the top, we were calling it the Ivory Tower.. Rode within 1/4 mile of Venture’s shop 🙄

    Oh yeah, it’s been consistently snowing since about 10:30 this morning and isn’t showing many signs of letting up, it’ll be good this weekend. Any ideas for tomorrow? We were thinking driving up Red Mountain Pass, or Bear Mountain terrain (ya I know, it’s balls)??


    I don’t know if it is because of the camera angle, the music, the surfy pow, or the fact that you look like a bumble bee, but this video makes me smile! :disco: Nice work.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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