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    you get the idea 😉
    post snowboard tracks only 😈

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    A nice concept powderjunkie, and a nice picture too. I have a question, when you say “snowboard tracks only” do you mean no ski tracks? or, no snowboarder(s) in the picture, just the track(s)? ❓

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    please excuse my friend. he’s a little slow. the town is back that way.

    haha. just playin split66. i think he means no skier’s, period. 😯

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    Very nice idea, powderj.!

    The left track is my one …
    Davos/Switzerland, Guggerbachtaelli over Strela, Jan. 05

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    Nice Jogi.

    You got it Split66, only pics of snowboard tracks. YEAH. Gonna make some tomorrow in more Sierra powder. 8)

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    sorry, some skier tracks on the right, but all board down the middle 🙂

    glattigrad, nidwalden, switzerland last friday 🙂

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    Surprising how few pictures I have of just tracks without their maker(s). I guess the focus (pun intended) is generally on the rider, but the tracks can tell a story.



    I know I’ll be thinking some more about this theme next time I’m out, so thanks for the concept!

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    Cool thread!

    …but now now powderjunkie…some of our best friends are skiers! 😈

    lets not discriminate. :mrgreen:

    here’s my addition

    ps. nice pics split66!…but he said tracks only. 😉

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    Hmm this is about all I have.

    re: ski tracks — I think it’s okay to celebrate the unique, unparalleled beauty of the snowboard track. 😆

    Of course splitboards make another kind of tracks, too…

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    You’re right bcrider, he did say tracks only so I’ve taken the one picture out as it spoils the thread. We’ll save the idea of deciphering the picture behind the tracks for a future thread. This thread did get me started thinking about tracks and the ones I like (to make) the most, which is another interesting topic too!

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    yeah, some like tight turns, some like wide g/s turns, and some don’t like turns at all.

    me…I like it all. 🙂

    jive stick
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    Here’s one.

    Another one.

    The guy making those tracks er…. track.

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    I love the (just lines) idea, here is one of my favorites from the other day. My buddy Mark, my girlfriend Monika and myself.

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    here’s some from me and bridgerhippy

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    Nice photos everyone. I don’t want to discriminate, but was thinking with a title like one track mind, it should only be photos of a single track (snowboard), not two tracks (skis). But I can appreciate a nice ski track too.

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    Of course they’re not always so pretty

    jive stick
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    One track.

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    From Saturday

    and I’m filing a motion of skier discrimination with the local chapter of NAATP (National Association for the Advancement of Two Plankers).

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    A pic from a trip to austria this january

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