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    I miss that old thread and am too lazy to search for it.
    Send me your tracks! I like pictures of tracks. They make me happy :bananas:

    Here’s mine

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    out of bounds….. ruapehu…

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    Why I ride with the people I do, great minds think alike….

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    These might have been in the old thread, I can’t remember . . .

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    Laps, it counts as one if there all your right?

    Same bowl, not my artwork but I like the up and down contrast.


    Mine’s looker’s left. Got down a little faster than the tele-dudes.

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    Bump. Some more art from this year. Nothing makes a better canvas than a mountain and snow.

    I think skin tracks a pretty too.

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    sickkkkk utah! :headbang:

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    Today’s goal was a bit too far for my crack-of-noon start on a solo mission, so I “settled” for this. Not the best pic, but a fun line, and it was all mine.

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    From today. Can you figure out which track belongs to the splitboarder and which to the skier?

    jive stick
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    some really cool shots in here.


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    My gnarliest line ever.

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    This is a Terrible photo, of multiple tracks, but it is interesting though…

    Tracks through volcanic ash

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    How does that stuff ride?

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    …Sandpaper, made of glass/pyro-plastic. Base cleans your board, ruins your car engine and anything else electronic or motorized. Not good for your lungs, eyes, or skin. Generally speaking, we’re F***ed and stuck inside for a while up here in AK… AND… the damn thing keeps going off, it’s blown it’s top 16 or 17 times in the past week with no end in sight! This place is CRAZY, and I love it!

    check this out

    Holy Atomic Bomb Batman!!!

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    D-GREEN, that shot of the tracks in the volcanic ash is classic. Kinda reminds me of some of the weird stuff I’ve ridden through.

    You could make turns through the needles, just had to watch out for branches, trees, etc.

    After the first snows of September, the tops of the huge suncups hadn’t been covered yet on the bottom of the muir snowfield. Was still fun to ride.

    Ok, some normal ones:

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