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    So i’m not sure if this is under the radar in the splitboarding community or not, but as a splitboarder as well as a tele skier, i think the emerging and much hyped New Telemark Norm (NTN) could possibly have an impact on both the skiing and snowboarding world…
    I was a little skeptical about the whole NTN thing at first… whats wrong with the current boot/binding system? Why fix something thats not broken? Among the list of features in the argument for the NTN system, it says that NTN boots will be able to be used in traditional AT bindings… So in theory, NTN boots could be used with plate bindings on a splitboard. So… one boot for splitting, tele skiing, and AT skiing. Got my attention. This would at the least save people some serious cash by not having to buy a new pair of boots (or two) if they want to get started in another sport.

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