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    So I think I have achilles tendonitis by getting after it a little too hard, so I haven’t been able to shred much in the last couple weeks. I think it’s the rubbing whilst touring. 🙁 I’m pretty bummed but at least I’m not missing out TOO much in the Alps because of the lack of pow. It looks like summer here in most places. Crazy, although we’ve been managing with beaches, Freeride World Tour comps, parties, friends, climbing and what not. I waited three weeks to snowboard again and we shredded the Marbaree (spelling) off the Helbronner. It’s on the Italian side of Mt. Blanc and is a 7,400 ft-ish run to the car involving a 45 degree corn face at the top, a sick couloir, some hidden pow, thigh deep mank, a moraine down climb, rock and crevasse jibs, crawling on hands and knees through a thick forest and a stroll through a small farm village. It was so sick. Pretty sketchy up high with a ton of huge wet slides that had been shitting down in the past couple days. The face is huge and there is always something above you that could let loose. We got up there pretty early before it got too warm. I sabotaged all hopes of my achilles healing any time soon.

    Disco on the beach in Italy

    This is way better than snowboarding… NOT!

    Drew Tabke and Angel Collinson. Drew won the Freeskiing World Tour so he got a wildcard to compete in the Freeride World Tour on the Bec de Rosses in Verbier. He killed it, he came in 6th. CHAMP! We partied.

    Pow day in Courmayeur

    Me pow blasting

    Dr. Sterling skinning at the top of the Helbronner. The Tacul behind him.

    Marbaree on the Helbronner

    Me shredding


    Drew fell in a river. Ha.

    There’s so much snow here.

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    Hey Liz, take care of your achilles, this is not an injury that you want to become chronic. Ice/heat rotations should help as long as it is not too swollen. Transverse friction (rubbing across the grain of the tendon fibers, breaks up small nodules) can help as well but should only be applied when there is little to no pain.
    Thanks for your reports, and I hope you heal up soon.

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    +1 on that achilles advice Liz. Take care of it, so it can take care of you!

    Epic stoke again. Thank you for your contributions this season, in spite of a tough year over their you’re still managing to stoke us out. :headbang:

    Video…I know some of that rehab time is gonna bring another edit right?

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    Killing it Liz, loving the stoke way to represent the U.S of A.

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    Awesome!!!! :rock:

    This shot is one of my favorites I’ve seen of the Tacul (2nd favorite Chamonix peak, the Verte wins). I see the 3 ski lines and 2 climbs that gave me the simultaneous greatest times and the scariest times of my life in this pic!

    Keep up the great shredding!

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    jbaysurfer: Stay tuned! Another edit coming soon yes!

    granjero: What did you ski off the Tacul!?!? Gervasutti? Jager? They are so gnarls this year. I really wanted to shred the Jager but it’s barely even filled in. It’s been really hard to find anything in good condition… boo.

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    Hey Liz,
    The Jager totally looks gnarly in that pic!

    I skied the Jager, the Diable via Isolee’ variation, the Contamine-Negri, the lower portion of the Contamine-Mazeaud and the NW flank in summer of 2008. We also climbed the Gervasutti Pillar (where I whipped at 3am aiding off an old fixed sling that blew out on the final pitches) and a silly little route on the Trident (where I got offroute into 5.10+ overhanging wyde and bailed a pitch shy of the top, shoulda gone to watch le tour get won that day, doh!).

    Here’s the TR:

    I’d like to return for March-July to enjoy the north face routes on the Midi and return for redemption on the Brenva face and Aiguille Blanche (3 tries, but serac fall and bad weather kept me from pushing too far) and a ski line on the Verte (Whymper or even better the Couturier.

    Glad to see you are having a great time there!

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    Forgot how outta hand that TR is ^^^ Honestly makes me feel like a huge vag 😀 (you should repost it here since you’re technically a splitboarder 😆 )
    Funny Jones and Xavier needed a guide to do what you did solo…and they still didn’t slay it!

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    Awesome work Liz can’t wait tell you get home so we can share the skin track this spring.

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