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    This may be a really dumb question but… Here it goes?

    What are the winters like on the Olympic Penninsula? Is there any splitboarding? I am lookin at a map and I see mountains above 7,000 feet so I was just wondering.

    Any snow left at higher elevations now? Might explore that area in the next week or so if they have snow in the winters.

    Any advice or suggestions?


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    There is a small ski area and touring at Hurricane Ridge. I haven’t been there with a split yet but the summer hiking is awesome. If you can find it the book “Backcountry Ski! Washington” has some routes in it for the Olympics. And check out the link Tex supplied too.

    The weather in winter all depends on where you are. There is a rain shadow that keeps part of the peninsula dry (by northwest standards) but most of it’s a rain forest.

    Ski area website

    Hurricane Ridge webcam

    2017 Baker Splitfest, March 17th to 19th!

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    Be careful out there the Olympics are the first place to get nailed by storms. They have long approaches and steep mountains. Mt. Elinor seems to be somewhat popular as well as the Hurricane Ridge area. Anything else is going to take alot of work.

    Hope this helps

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    I was going to sugest mt elinor too. Its on the southern most side. I’ve done the hike on the 4th of july quite. Few years and it always has snow the, and that is the south face, from the top you can drop into some good looking stuff that holds snow untill augest. Two miles and two thousand feet of vert from the upper parking lot. Most of it in the open only the he beginning is in the trees.

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    Thanks for the information guys. We ended up skipping the pennisula on our trip, at least for now. We will be in Washington for about a month poking around and exploring. I really hope to get in some time on my board while we are here.

    I really want to move to the methow valley, I just need to convince my wife that we can find jobs there once we get there versus already having jobs and then moving.

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    The road to Hurricane Ridge is open 7 days per week now, and there is plenty of easily accessed shredding from the ski area. The Olympics are vastly underrated for the quality and quantity of alpine terrain. I grew up out there and totally love the place! As Kyle says watch the weather though. It comes in fast!

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