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    Ahhh; waking up in the foothills of the Andes; cacti and noble condors.

    A morning stroll leads us to a flourishing cascade.

    Refreshed by the cold, spring flow, immense snowcapped peaks inspire the desire to climb; to ride something spectacular.

    Big mountains and high elevations: intimidating after stepping into it all suddenly from summer lounging in the far north. For my first run in upwards of 3 months, Steepy has quite a line in which to introduce me to the Andes with: The Super-C Couloir near the Santiago region in Chile.

    (obvious line center left of photo)

    As we climb my senses take on that serious big-mountain feel; the vibe one might get when climbing someplace legendary, like a Himalayan Peak, or ski mountaineering in Chamonix. As I catch my breath and try to make sense of it all I turn around and where I am becomes very clear. I am in the Andes kicking steps with Aconcagua as the backdrop.

    In the last year I have skied in the shadows of three of the Seven Summits and I feel pretty lucky for that. I climb on with that stoke pushing me up and up. Steepy sends the steep pitches with the same swiftness and potency I have always known him for.

    We have not climbed the route we will descend, but instead have taken an alternative ascent to shed off some vert. This route had its moments; dodging rockfall; traversing above large exposed icefalls, and blading some steep hard pitches towards the top. As we reach the col, the angle drops and we are rewarded with an awesome platform on which to kick it and enjoy the views.

    The view into the couloir we are about to drop, however, has my knees shaking again. Now I’ve skied some big lines no doubt, but never have I jumped “off the couch” and made my first turns of the season on an exposed pitch of 50 degree hard snow at high elevation; this picture looking down towards where we are heading will give you an idea of how it looked to me.

    Ok, well it’s not THAT bad, but still pretty intense; fresh off the plane and into a massive big line; as classic and as stout as any of the greatest couloirs in the world; but once the binding are on and feeling tight, stoke overcomes nervousness and fear.
    Here Steepy sets it off; and the rest is obvious:

    (dig this photo; yeah, not bad terrain to be getting into 1st run fresh off the areoplane)

    Wow! That is one badass Couloir; big as hell; entire line comes in at just about 4,000 vertical feet. (Route should be obvious in the photo below)

    Awestruck, we rally back down the mountain twenty minutes to Steepy’s Chilean bungalow. Where oranges, avocados, and olives are to be found and eaten straight from the tree. I’m am saying “what, you mean twenty minutes downhill from riding one of the sickest couloirs of my life I can eat fresh oranges off the tree”? I had never dreamed of such a thing, but yes it is true.

    For perspective; This experience would be akin to riding from the summit of Mt. Whitney and being on a beach in So-Cal twenty minutes after hitting the parking lot. Living in the far north, I have forgotten how much I miss such a climate as this. It was absolutely wonderful to hang out in a warm, green climate of cacti and fresh oranges, eating good food, in a small Latin-American village, shortly after riding an amazing line on my snowboard.

    Lastly; I just had to throw up this picture for all my fellow ColoRadbro’s out there! It definitely feels homey to have such nostalgia marking the adobe that shelters you in a foreign world. I musta told Steepy several times how awesome that momento is; as a Colorado native the sight of this just topped off what was already a perfect day.

    Thanks for that experience Steepy!

    Stay tuned; more southern-hemi pics coming soon.

    surface hore

    nice work, lil creedler!


    Whoa cool.


    Nice line.


    Lovin this shot:


    Wow, cool journey…

    Shark Snowsurf Chuna
    Voile V-Tail 170 BC
    Voile One Ninety Five
    Spark R&D Arc


    That’s a pretty impressive warm up run :thumbsup:


    great to see you and steepy teaming up for some high country adventures. amazing line. cant wait to see what else you are going to share with us. also wanted to comment on those crazy trees in that other TR you posted. really amazing and unique terrain.


    Just Awesome :doobie:

    Kyle Miller

    Talk about sick terrain!


    that chute is amazing. killer trip

    ta hui


    wasatch surf

    in my opinion you have the best TR’s on and this one does not disappoint. Awesome thank you for sharing.



    The TRs on this board sometimes blow my mind. You guys are masters of the craft for sure. What elevation did you top out at?? Tx for sharing!

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.


    in my opinion you have the best TR’s on

    UUUhhhhhhemmmm…….while the good Doctor has more than raised the bar of trip report stokeage beyond us mortals, please dont forget about those classic MUMMBLES trip reports


    Stoked once again. Keep it up Savage!!! :rock:

    wasatch surf

    @TEX wrote:

    in my opinion you have the best TR’s on

    UUUhhhhhhemmmm…….while the good Doctor has more than raised the bar of trip report stokeage beyond us mortals, please dont forget about those classic MUMMBLES trip reports

    true. what the fuck ever happened to him anyway…


    Great TR as usual, Snowsavage! Looking forward to another great season and great TRs on here.


    Fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic Fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic Fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic Fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic shit dudes!!

    Have I said fantastic yet?


    Thanks everybody for your fantastic comments! Same as everyone else posting, I just love to share the stoke, and appreciate having a forum such as this site on which to post my photos for sharing with all.

    Fullers2oh: Yeah those Monkey Puzzle trees are amazing. Next TR will feature some powder day tree riding in the Aurucania forests.

    Wasatch Surf: Wow! Thanks for the esteemed compliment. There are several other folks on this site, however, that have done some seriously worthy things in the mountains. So big props to everybody for keeping me motivated and inspired.

    SanFrantastico: I never kept track of the elevation, but I believe that the couloir probably topped out somewhere between 13,000-14,000 ft. (Maybe Steepy knows?). Aconcagua is close to 23,000 ft. and several of the lesser summits in the area are in the 18,000ish ft. range. Our line was on a sub ridge of these much higher peaks and not even near a summit. The other large peaks pictured in the TR are all probably at the very least larger than 15,000 ft. But I can’t say for sure because I never really paid attention.

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