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    Trying to repost this in DIY to see if it shows up
    Anbody else mod components to get the stance they like?

    I’ve not gotten time for skinning yet so I’ll comment on that later


    35*f/25*r angles/stance 20″ Is not as steep as I’d like but it’s working well. I could get to 40+* with the voile canted pucks but a wider stance would be required using speed radical toes/sparks adapter.


    removed the lock lever off the speed toe and overhang on the heel riser to allow 20′ stance with steeper angles

    will have the lever and it’s mount pin with me if needed for skinning.


    I could go steeper if I went to 21+” but already have no tip to lean on with the 168cm rocker, not a fan of rocker but will save that argument for another time.

    toe hang on the back foot and to a lesser extent heel hang, is more than I’d like but with near 2″ height off the deck it’s not really an issue unless ECing on hardpack(haven’t tried that…yet) 307bsl on a 25cm board.
    Soft boot splitters all complain about stack height, I guess they need to have a hang ten feel to surf snow, doesn’t bother me in the least other than the extra weight.


    didn’t notice it in spring slush

    this setup kicked steep slushy bumps a$$ on the face of the shwizz so I’m confident that it’ll handle any terrain

    The Odin is a bit of a beast (ie durable) by reputation which is a good part of why I chose it, I’m 6′, 215# +/-, half Norwegian and got it cheap NOS(’12 model yr) from venture for $300. That said, It’s heavy in this configuration at 14.5# and I’ll be looking for lighter weight hardware for sure.

    I may sell the dyna toes and sparks adapters and go with ranger NZ touring toes and will probably pick up the Dyno’s unless I find a deal on used Phantoms.($850+ for the whole system is out of my league even if they could go to 40*+)

    The old sims plate is heavy and I’ll cut them down to just the toe & heel bails to save weight. The old blax stepin toes on the back foot worked in the voile slider holes perfectly w/out mods and the burton stepin heel gives some spring loaded play to the otherwise stiff boot, with minor drilling of the slider plate.

    I may match this on the front slider but like it to be a bit more solid than the back foot.

    I haven’t felt much need to mod the pegasus boots as I want them for skiing also, but may rig up a rearward lean stop for walk mode on the back foot while riding.

    Overall Odin & Pegasus will rule the mountain [​IMG] if ULLR ever blesses us again [​IMG]null

    In the long run I’d really like to get 7B(local) to build me a meadow skipping beasty board with scales under foot but with inner sidewalls, not cap like the Voile revalatorBC, wood topsheet and ranger HB system would be a dream setup.


    ♫Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of your board,
    It skins with ease; it sidehills with the Backcountry Award
    May it bring you the vic’tries of the greatest pagan hoard
    Odin goes shredding on. . . ♫

    . . . Once blind but now I see!

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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