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    This must be the best riding in October I’ve ever seen. Felt like mid-winter out there aside from a few rocks.
    JOM = 100%
    Stoke = 2000%

    On Saturday, Kyle C, Luke and I headed up to Sac, then meandered north to sample a tasty N facing couloir and avoid the crowds. A few rocks, but the riding was amazing. We were able to open it up, let loose a few small airs and get some rejuvenating sluff going.

    Luke on Sac

    Luke in the N couloir

    Kyle dropping in on some rocks

    Kyle below the line

    I tried to get some work done on Sunday, but at about midday, I imploded. What the hell was I doing inside on the most beautiful day ever? I promptly threw the gear in my car, rallied up to Bridger, then ran up the ridge for a beautiful run on the apron. Plenty of boot packers down low, but virtually no one on the ridge. Life is good…

    Of course, the Crazies

    My destination

    This looks good

    I’m so excited right now that the walls cannot contain my energy. The time to ride is now……

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    Looks amazing. I thought C. Mt had gotten all the goods outta this last storm but was definitely just as good down Bozo way

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    good luck with your semester! 😆 does the pita pit need help? kyle might be able to hook it up. 😉

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    Uh uhh 😯

    Conditions look good, Little jealous here.

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    Yeh buddy…it is on and it is time to ride. Good photos and glad to see you guys are getting some.

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    I can’t wait until I retire, with my vanagon and can follow the snow and waves.

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    Were you up there when the slide went off Sun?

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    looks like winter! 8) 8) 8)

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