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    Are we weird are just the coolest cats around? It seems most of us eat, sleep, drink, and smoke splitboarding and other outdoor activities. When I explain splitboarding (ie. getting up really freakin early, driving long distances through hail, sleet, snow and ice, skinning for several hours usually in the bitter cold, nearly averting death from avalanches) and the reward (a few minutes of downhill euphoria), I usually get a response like your a freak. Even though most think we’re crazy to enjoy it, most splitters that I know go even beyond enjoyment. We’re an obsessed bunch

    I won’t ask if your obsessed, I know you are. But was is your level of obsession

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    Yeah, I pretty much think about going as soon as the snow flies. I have to admit come summer weather there is just a point where waking up at 3 or 4 am and going splittin’ vs waking up at 8am to go climbing makes splittin’ go the wayside. Still every year I get the jonez for splittin’ it and climbing just comes to play when the weather is nice and the will to wake early is lost.

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    We are definitely utterly stupid. That said, I accept this insanity with open arms. I usually don’t try to explain my obsession to those who don’t participate in such adventures.

    Would sleeping in and lounging around be any more enjoyable? Not really, because I’d be bummed that I wasn’t splitting! 😀

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    i check this forum on a daily basis…even in july and august. i get giddy when i see a dusting of snow in the mountains. before we received any snow here last year, i got heart palpitations cause i knew there were folks in colorado gettin some turns in…
    my wife took a job 3500kms from our last home , so that we could snowboard backcountry ( ’cause there ain’t no backcountry in ontario)…

    but it’s a great feeling, inn’t it?

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    Obsessed? Me? no way…………see thread

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    My name is SanFrantastico… and I’m obsessed with splitboarding.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    I think you all need a bunch more work to do.

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    @mtnrider wrote:

    I think you all need a bunch more work to do.

    Come on, Tommy. I remember you driving from LA to my house, then up to Sonora Pass and back in one day. You think about this shit (and loud motors) as much as any of us.

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    I think all you from Cali are a little wacky anyways but it is ok as long as you are a split boarder!

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    Would sleeping in and lounging around be any more enjoyable?

    Possibly if it is -30(or more?) and you are attemptimg Cowen 😉

    affix snow
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    Obsessed…..doesnt even scratch the surface!


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    this is what i’m obsessed with

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    It’s somehow perfectly fitting that my first post is about obsession.

    I was doing just fine not thinking about riding all summer until I met someone in August who convinced me to go ride Jackson this season and it’s been all downhill since.

    I’ve been devouring snowboard dvds, eagerly reading weather reports, and gettin giddy as a kid on Christmas morning when I see fresh snow on faraway peaks, no matter how little. Called up friends to join me on a ten hour road trip in Sept. to find the snow (called me crazy). Called up same friends to go to TGR premiere next weekend(they’re waffling). Broke out the gear a few weeks ago and booted up and strapped in in the living room (okay, how many of you have done it too, fess up!). Obsessed?

    Yep, I’m addicted 😈

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    I’m so obsessed i’m getting pissed that there aren’t any new topics everytime i check back. COME ON!!! There’s gotta be something to talk about! Doesn’t someone have some trip report pics or something i can look at!! Come on!!! Your killing me. I’m tired of looking at for all the photo’s. Cant we talk about splitfest or something?? Anyone??……..I’m so lonely

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    I am not obsessed. I can stop any time I want. I made this post because I chose to (not because of those little voices inside my head)…

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    I haven’t even made a proper split board turn, and I am obessesed to the tune of four 12 step programs=48steps!

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    …first I think about splitting, which reminds me of snowmobiling, so I go start my sled in the garage and huff two stoke, which reminds me of going splitting, so I thumb through last years warn out stack of snow porn, so I look at lifelinksplits avatar, which makes me think about sex with hot asian chicks, which is the only thing questionably better than splitting, ah splitting, ah snowmobiling, headed back to the damn garage again… 😳


    Just waiting for the snow to fly. and waiting… and waiting… and waiting… Been waiting since May 28.

    I gotta do something about that sled problem too. Think I’ll crack a beer when I get home and start the sled up.

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    I’m obsessed about splitboarding. I’m also so compulsive about splitboarding I may have a disorder. 😉

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    I am definitely passionate about splitboarding. I love the art aspect as well as the sport as aspect. Everything I do, biking, running, hiking, lifting, skating, swimming, meditating is done with passion and dedication because I feel it will benefit my backcountry riding.

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