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    Man, all these TR’s from Washington and the Rockies are killin me. I had to post a TR so we can put a Tahoe TR in the mix.

    Puff Nattie and I headed OB from Kirkwood on Sunday morning 12.11.05.

    Nat had her NEW PRIOR 158 SPLITBOARD 😀 😀 😀

    Big thanks to Fin at Bomber and the store.

    We skinned over to Thunder Mtn. and looked down a nice powder bowl. I knew that around the corner would be questionable, but little did I know how questionable the snow cover and exposure would be.

    Dropping in

    We ride the upper section but can’t really see the lower section. So I drop in and discover cliff bands, rocks, and peppered sections. Oh no.

    I stop on this overhanging finger littered with rocks. With careful instructions to Nat, she rides into this choke section and cleanly rides through it with only a little bump on a rock.

    Nat riding through the choke

    I hop a rock, we descent down some powder covered avi rubble and are out in one piece.

    We skin half way up towards Camel Rock until snow becomes hardpack and get a pretty good ride down trying to avoid close out gullies and low snow terrain.

    Skin up to Martin Point for a nice finish through mostly good powder back to the truck.

    View of Thunder Mtn. from Martin Pt.

    Sorry for the dark photos.

    Boards are still in good shape and we are waiting for the next dump. 😈


    Cali represent, represent! 8)

    Nice work you two. 🙂

    ps. I’ll be ready in 2-3 weeks…wooohooo.

    we just need some more snow.


    PJ. Cool post. Good ta see ya gettin some. Sometimes the most memorable/fun trips are the trips that don’t go the way we expected. Looked fun…

    Skied waterhouse on sat. Maybe not full winter conditions, but definitely worth it. There’s still plenty of fun waiting for us in the BC.

    Now i know it has started out slow here in LT, but I just asked my magic 8-ballif we’re gonna have a killer season, and it came back with “Yes definitely”.

    The 8-ball has spoken…. we must prepare.


    Right on, PJ and Nat. Charging as usual. I will definetly ride Kirkwood in/out bounds with you guys this winter.

    Are going to continue to ride without a new storm?

    I was in Santa Rosa a couple weekends ago. Mainly hung low though. Road Annadel a few times. My evenings were booked so I had no time for beers.


    It’s about damn time!! j/k. good stuff. you guys need to keep posting up the stoke so I get the motivation for my trip out to tahoe(haven’t decided when yet, but I will make it for around 10 days).


    PJ, did your trip to lassen come off a couple of weeks ago?

    surprisingly good coverage given lack of storms to date – 8-Ball
    not withstanding. 8) nice lines!

    i’ll just pretend the 7 day forecast is WrOnG


    Good to hear BCR.
    Towlie- I’m holding you to that prediction. 😀
    Eco- probably not riding this weekend. Got a work bonus so I may be in the market for a mtn. bike. Finally.

    DD – Lassen was good. It was about a month ago. Rode off east face of Diller and a couple laps around Ridge Lakes.


    Nice…. doesn’t look like you guys are hurting too bad there, and coverage seems semi-adequate.

    Seems like you got better snow quality than us right now. We have either sun crust or hard wind crust, no matter the aspect 🙁

    Mountain Freak

    Glad to see you guys finally have some snow!


    Right on crew! Glad you guys got some lines in, good to see the conditions don’t look too bad, Eco and I will have to bust out of the valley soon!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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